January 31, 2015

January Haul ~

Hello ~ It's the last day of January here in Finland today. That means it's time for haul post of the month :) I spent a lot money this month... I better start saving up and buying only the necessities starting from February, There are much stuff so I won't talk more ~ 

NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Mini Me - Gigantti - 37,90€

I've been wanting a capsule coffee machine for a while. I knew I had to buy this when I saw it on sale :D I've been loving it ~ My coffee addiction has gotten bigger during this month... The capsules are a bit costy so I can't buy them all the time. Luckily my mom and sister also uses this so they also buys the capsules :)

A selfie tripod and a wireless remote control - ebay - 5$ or so

This one I bought from ebay in December but it arrived on January so I'm including it for this haul. It was only 5 dollars or something. I also bought a "mini studio" from ebay as well but I still need to learn how to use it properly and get better lights. One step closer to taking better product pictures !

Gray shirt with mesh details - H&M - 12,99€

I've been using this one a lot ~ I really like how it's so simple that it's easy to pair with pretty much anything I find from my closet :) I've been buying a lot of gray shirts recently...

Flower printed pullover - H&M - 9,99€

I fell in love with this at the first sight ! My sister said it looks horrible but I think it looks so cute :D I'm actually wearing it right now as well :) It's so comfy and it's not too hot but I don't freeze either. It's perfect :D I've also been buying quite a lot of flower printed clothes since last year as well... 

Mint green knit cardigan - H&M - 7€

It was only 7 euros ! So I had to buy it. I bought it so I can use it during the upcoming spring ~ It's tad too cold to use it during the winter :D I think the color is really cute ~

Black stretch jeans - Gina Tricot - 39,95€

I needed some new jeans so I bought new jeans. Nothing more to say. I really like these as well ~ Wearing them at the moment also XD They're fit, tight yet not uncomfortable. Just the way jeans has to be :)

TIMOTEI Pure shampoo and conditioner - Sokos Emotion - 1,50€ per one

I still haven't started using these. I just bought them... Just in case. I still have lots of shampoo and conditioner left but... I bought them to try out. And they were cheap as well. So why not !

ROYALE BOUQUET Rose & Honeysuckle Luxury Hydrating Shower Creme - Sokos Emotion - 4,90€

Wow that's some long name LOL ! I simply bought it because I thought it looked cute. The bottle is really big so I'm glad it has a pump ! Even though it's not visible on the photo... Bad photo :( This smells so nice ! It smells like real roses. Not any artificial, too sweet rose scent. The kind of rose scent I like is the natural scent :) 

LUMENE Arctic Aqua Deep Moisture Eye Gel - Sokos Emotion - 6,90€

Repurchase. My favorite eye skincare product.

GARNIER Mineral UltraDry Anti Perspirant - Sokos Emotion - 2,70€

Repurchase as well. My holy grail when it comes to antiperspirants.

L'ORÉAL Paris Sublime Mousse 535 Luscious Hot Chocolate - Sokos Emotion - 12,50€

I needed to get my hair dyed so I needed to repurchase this one. I dyed my hair yesterday ~ Now my hair doesn't look that dull anymore XD It was my 2nd time dying with this shade and I really like it :) It's like my own hair but better ^^

LUMENE Matt Touch Pore Tightening Toner - Sokos Emotion - 8,90€

My favorite toner right now. No need to say more ^^

SEBAMED Hand & Nail Cream - Pharmacy - 6,85€

I needed to get a new hand cream that would absorb quickly so I grabbed this one from the pharmacy while I was buying painkillers as well. I really like this one ~

ACO Lipbalm - Pharmacy - 3,45€

Repurchase for the millionth time or so. I use one of these usually in a month. Absolutely love this one ! I think this ACO lipbalm is the most popular one among Finnish bloggers? I see it everywhere :D

Beautublender - Sokos Emotion - 19,90€

I bought this just out of curiosity when I saw it near the counter when I was paying for the toner. So I grabbed this one as well. So far I've tried it only once so I can't say much about it. I just wanted to try it because I've seen so many bloggers and vloggers say that this is "THE ONE" when it comes to applying BB Cream or foundation. I usually use just my fingers :D


That's it for my January haul ~ I shopped a lot didn't I ? But luckily I shopped them throughout the month and not just at once XD I really need to start saving up some money...

By the way, would you be interested in seeing an empties of the month posts? I'm going to try out at least for January because I've saved all the products I've ran out during the month just to see how much I actually use compared to the amount I buy stuff. I think it will be interesting to see :) 

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