January 20, 2015

Candysan Haul

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Hello everyone ~

Is there anyone who loves Japanese candies, cookies and all that great stuff? Today I'm showing what I ordered from Candysan. This post is quite filled with photos so I won't speak much. The prices are very reasonable and affordable in my opinion. The shipping depends on the weight of your order and the shipping option you choose. My order was 20,56 € and the shipping was 11,61 €. Aren't you curious to see what I ordered? Continue reading ^^ 

KABAYA Quattro - 1,32 $

8 Double chocolate and caramel biscuits individually wrapped. For somehow I thought these would be bigger. One biscuit has 33,4 kcal. These are pretty nice looking and tastes nice too. However I think that the caramel tastes like liquor... There might be something wrong with my tastebuds... I don't think I would reorder these. The panda thingy in the photo was a freebie :)

LOTTE Choco pie - 2,54 $

This is the famous choco pie I've seen in many Korean dramas. I've wanted to try this for a long time and now I finally had a chance. The box has 6 separately packed choco pies. Choco pie is a chocolate coated vanilla cream sandwich pie. One choco pie has 162 kcal. These are pretty sweet so I can't eat many at once. I think they're good when you crave for something sweet :) I would order these again !

The famous green tea flavored kit kat. I wanted to taste it despite the fact that I'm not biggest fan of regular green tea. There are 12 packs of mini kit kats in the bag. Each mini kit kat has 66 kcal so they're good for a snack :) I can definitely taste the green tea in these but it's not that overwhelming or bitter that I expected. The taste is pretty creamy in my opinion. I think these are good for those who doesn't like too sweet. I would buy these again :)

Because I can only get the regular Kit Kats from Finland I also wanted to try this strawberry flavored. I think the scent is too fake. It's like that artificial strawberry scent you smell from some lip products. Not a fan of the scent. The taste is super sweet and artificial in my opinion. One mini kit kat is enough to get rid of my sweet cravings. One mini kit kat has 65 kcal. I'm not sure if I would repurchase these again. 

I was so looking forward to taste these when I was adding stuff to my cart on the site. These are mini bars made of milk from Hokkaido. There are 13 mini bars in the packet. One mini bar has 42 kcal. I have no words to describe the taste. I love these a lot ! I would buy these again a lot ! My favorites out of the whole haul :)

This is how the products above looks when you take them out of the packets. They're packed separately which makes it easy to pack them and take them with you to school for example ^^

I have tried these before as well. I buy these whenever I find them from Finland but they're overpriced here D: There are 2 packs and each has 6 pockys inside. So 12 pocky sticks all in all in the whole packet. I can't find kcal amounts from the packaging :( These obviously tastes like almond and chocolate. I would buy these again :D I just finished the last pocky from the packet. Booo I want more! 

If I were to describe Pretz somehow I would say "Saltier version of Pocky" as they have flavors such as salada, tomato and wasabi for example. I chose Honey flavored because I've recently found myself liking honey a lot. I'm not sure how many sticks there are in one packet as I've been munching them quite a lot and I still have 6 sticks left. Maybe there are 26 or so? I would buy these again ~

These are medium sized pockys and they have two layers of chocolate: milk chocolate and whip chocolate. There are 12 sticks in the box. They're packed in 3 plastic bags and each has 4 sticks. That makes them easy to carry around and snack when you feel like it :) These are soooo good ! Like... I have no words. Definitely buying these again someday. DO NOT keep these right next to your laptop or they will melt like mine did :---) 

As a person who doesn't like normal coffee but is addicted to special coffees and instant coffees I wanted to try out this one. This tastes pretty nice but I don't understand the pieces of chocolate or some chocolate bread or something that have been added to the coffee. If you don't drink this fast you'll end up with bloated pieces of some chocolate thingy at the end of the cup. Minus those I think this is pretty good. I would order these again if there wasn't those thingys. There are 4 sticks in one packet so you'll get 4 cups of coffee. One cup has 77 kcal.

The fruitier sister of the product above. On the packaging it says "Strawberry and raspberry flavored latte" but there's no coffee in this as far as I know... This tastes really nice. It has dried strawberries and raspberries in it and in this case it works really well. This has a milky taste to it. Like above, this also has 4 sticks. One cup has 69 kcal. I think I would order these again :) Very nice taste ~

I've heard many good things about this so I bought it just to try it out. So far I've only had one cup and I have no special to say about it. There are 9 sticks so you'll get 9 cups. One cup has 31 kcal. I think this isn't too bitter but also not too sweet. I need to taste it more to form a better opinion about it... :D

Instant noodles just because :D I already ate them... Nothing special about these noodles. I just wanted to try them LOL ! I would't buy them again because they're nothing special. Tasted like any other noodles which is not a bad thing at all.


That's it for my Candysan haul. It was a bit different haul this time. How did you like it? If you want to order something from the store feel free to use this code 042691801 in the registration and you'll receive a 5% discount voucher you can use immediately :)


  1. Omg you're making me so hungry! *-* Everything looks so delicious~ I love sweets and chocolate anyway but Asian stuff always looks extra fun and yummy^^ x

    1. I know ;W; It's such a shame that I can't get those from Finland. However in Finland the chocolate tastes better XD

  2. Noi oreo höskät näyttää niiiiiin hyviltä *0* oon ehkä vähän liian addictoitunut oreoihinXD

    1. Ne on ihania ! Harmi, että niitä on vaan niin vähän :( 13 menee hetkessä XD Sivuilla vielä lukee, että toi on "perhepaketti" :'DDD

    2. Ehkä se on yhden hengen perheelle XD


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