December 08, 2014

NU'EST @ Nosturi, Helsinki 23.11.2014

Hello ~ How did your week start? For me, Monday was okay. I slept too little though and woke up with a headache today T^T Work went fast and now I'm at home, going to sleep soon. I feel like my schedule is wake up, work, sleep, wake up again. How do you guys manage to organize your life? LOL

Anyhow, long time no concert report ~~ I'm really late with this one... I was meant to post about this as soon as the concert was over... But here I am, posting about the concert 3 weeks late :'D NU'EST came to Finland on November. It was luckily during the weekend when there was snow everywhere ~ I went to the concert with Saara and Marianne, also quickly met up with Oona as well ^^ 

The concert was at Nosturi which is right next to the sea... -5 or more degrees Celsius, the cold sea breeze and Finland... You can imagine the coldness right? We arrived to the concert place around 3.30PM and the doors opened around 5PM. It was so cold but not as cold as it was when I was queuing for girugamesh concert in March 2012 or so D:

The fans had organized a project so the organizers gave "thank you" banners and glow sticks ~~ Above are 2 crappy photos I snapped before the concert started :D The concert was sold out !

The show started around 6.30PM I think ~ I'm not a big fan of NU'EST meaning I don't recognize all the members and I also don't know many of their songs... But I recognized that they played Face, Action, Sleep talking and Hello :D It's been already 3 weeks since the concert so I don't remember anything else... I'm a little bit disappointed that Baekho, my fav member, couldn't attend the concert because he was recovering from a surgery. But they promised to come back with Baekho someday ~ They better come !

Photo Credit: Azia Events

Photo Credit: Azia Events

Photo Credit: My Music Taste

I think that's pretty much all I had for now ~ As usually with concert reports, I'll end this post with my fav NU'EST songs ^^ Thank you for reading and stay tuned for next post :D Bye bye ~ 

This is their debut song if I'm not wrong...
I remember thinking "What? That's a boy? He's prettier than all the girls I know!" when I saw Ren for the first time :'D I'm sure everyone else had pretty much the same reaction ~ 

And this has been stuck in my head since the concert. The chorus is catchy XD


  1. Lauloivatko muuten ihan livenä vai tuliko toistona ja esittivät vaan laulavansa...vaikko molempia? :D Ite en päässy paikalle, kun liput ehti mennä, mutta jospa ne tulis nyt sitten Baekhon kera joskus uudelleen.

    1. Paha mennä arvuuttelemaan, kun olin niin takana keikalla. Mutta, arvaukseni on, että lauloivat, mutta taustalla oli myös toistona.

  2. Ei vitsi vaikuttaa kyl niin kivalta ;D Tosi kivasti kaikki käytti noita kylttejä mikä jäi varmaan bändillekin mieleen :)

    1. Oli niin ihanaa ~ Ja joo, oon tyytyväinen kun kaikki nostivat ne :) Erottiin varmasti muista maista ^^


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