December 06, 2014

November pics ~

Hello again ~ 3rd post of the week is a catch up on my November ^^ You might have seen the photos on my twitter or instagram if you follow me on those. If not, you can follow now by clicking the links :D

First of all, Happy 97th Birthday to Finland ! It's Finland's Independence Day today. I have no idea how other people spends it... I spend it by watching variety shows and dramas, eating, blogging and listening to music while doing housework etc. It's currently raining and already pitch black outside. It's not even 5PM yet... I wish it would snow ! After publishing this post, I'll cook something because I'm starving LOL ! Let's see what I did during November :)

1. Nails ~~ The glitter used on the blue nails is one of the 6 nail polishes I showed on my previous post *click here*. I absolutely love it ~ 

2. Coffee, coffee and more coffee ! I love Robert's Coffee and I visit there like... everyday on my 20 min break at work. Also, on school days I stop by to get a takeaway coffee on long school days. Coffee is addicting, but weird thing is that I don't like normal coffee. I only like the "special" coffees XD

3. Also, the cute slippers (?) I bought from Seppälä as well, but didn't include them to my haul... They're so warm ^^

1. Two weeks ago it was snow during the weekend ! Now there's no sign of snowing...
2. This is how dark it is when I go to work ! Only light is the street lights but they doesn't give a lot light...
3. Pepe and Sani chilling with me while I was watching TV ~ 

My face from many angles LOL ! Took a lot of selcas after I got a haircut :'D
My skin had gotten a lot better by these photos but now it's gotten worse again D:

Food and a random leg :'D

1. PIZZAAA!!!111 I ordered a pizza one day when I was hungry. I think I told you about my pizza in this post.

2. Glögi is the Finnish word... Glögg in Swedish... But I don't know if there is an English word for this... This is a Christmas season drink in Finland. It can be enjoyed cold or hot, I prefer the later one. This is a bit like juice but not really. 

3. My right ankle was hurting and swollen so I used a bandage for few days while sleeping. Now it has gotten better as I switched the shoes I use.

4. The not-so-good-looking things on the last photo are actually croissants made by my sister... No words for those LOL

That's all for now ~~ I'll share few songs before I go. It's been a while since the last time I shared some songs with you all ^^ I know this post is pretty long but listen to them before you go ~


MC MONG IS BACK ! His fans knows what he's been through lately so I won't get to that. Anyhow, he's back after 4-5 year hiatus. Back with a bang ! I can feel what he was thinking when he wrote the song. The lyrics are really good.

Another not-so-well-known artist that I love a lot is UNTOUCHABLE. They're from the same agency with B.A.P and Secret but they doesn't even have 1/4 of the views on youtube... It makes me so sad because they're the "sunbae" of those 3 and extra talented. But I won't talk more and I'll let you enjoy the song :D

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