December 13, 2014

LivBox December 2014

Hello ~ I'm few days late with this... Just because I had to skip November box I feel like it's been forever since the previous LivBox I unboxed for you. If you've missed my previous LivBox unboxings, you can read them here :) Anyhow, I got this box 3 days ago. This time I was in the first ones who got the box :D

There were a lot of papers this time XD

The theme for December is obviously Christmas.
They included special stuff to the box as well ~

The list of products, descriptions and prices in Finnish ~

Calvin Klein euphoria gold for men
Calvin Klein reveal for women

I tried both of the samples LOL ! I gave the men-version to my sister who gave it to her friend. I was planning to give it to my dad at first but he says "perfumes are poison".... Yeah... And I gave the Reveal one for my mom because it was too strong for my taste. I got a headache from it. The full sized are 30ml and costs 48€ for reveal and 36€ for euphoria gold.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Rich Cream
(Dry to very dry skin)

Thus I can't use it for my mixed-oily skin. So I'll let my mom and sister use this one ~ They seemed to like the previous Vichy one as well. That one came from November 2013 LivBox XD I haven't even tried this so I can't say anything about the product. This one is 15ml sample sized version. The full sized one has 50ml and costs 25,90€.

LV Rich Foot Cream for sensitive skin

I welcome this happily ! I currently have only one foot cream from my previous Memebox. This one feels a bit lighter yet more moisturizing if that makes any sense... I will gladly use this one :D I'm glad it wasn't a body lotion because I have too many of those... This one is full sized at 75ml and 5,50€.

Rimmel scandal eyes retro glam

I will use this but I wouldn't buy this... The brush is too big and it's not waterproof. I find this difficult to use because the brush is too big D: But I'm still gonna use this (has 3 mascaras now...) for those days I want a mascara that is fast and easy to remove. This one is also full sized one at 12ml with 11,50€.

Paese Eyeliner in Black with silver glitter

I don't use eyeliners so I'm a bit disappointed at this one... I'm gonna try it but if I don't like it I'll let my sister use it. She's gonna use it anyways, I guess. This one is 4,95€ and 4g. I guess it's full sized as well.

And because it's Christmas, LivBox team included handmade milk truffles ~~
I'm not kidding if I say that this was the best part of the box :'DD

Jamela 24K Gold-Collagen Eye Patches

Finally I'm considered as a person who has ordered LivBox for a long time ~ Long time orderers got a bonus product ^^ I'm so excited to try these out ~ My dark circles needs some treatments... I'm glad these came as they are 64,90€ for 16 pairs... That's not something I would pay... I know one pair doesn't do wonders but it will at least deep moisturize and de-puff my eye bags...

That's all for this time ~ I'm going to spend rest of my weekend relaxing and watching dramas. How are you spending your weekend? Oh, and only one week left and then my Christmas holiday starts ~ I can't wait to just lag at home ^^ Hopefully during my holiday I can write more posts for you to enjoy ^^


  1. Tulo kauhea suklaa himo ton tryffeli kuvan jälkeen!!XD haluisin kanssa testata tota vikaa! Luin niistä just eilen :oo

    1. Joo, noi oli sairaan hyviä ;P Harmi vaan, että niitä oli 4kpl... Olisin halunnut enemmän suklaata :'DDD


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