December 02, 2014

How to prepare your nails for the winter?

Hello ~ A while ago Julep contacted me and asked if I would be interested to share some tips on how to prepare my nails for winter. I thought why not, so here I am, posting my tips step by step. I combined and mixed my own techniques with the tips that Julep provided to me :) Let's see how I take care of my nails ^^ By the way, this is not a sponsored post but more like a co-operation :)

Photo provided by Julep

Ingredients you need to take care of your nails. You can opt for what you have :) Imagination is a good friend ^^

A glass file and a buffer to shape and polish your nails. And some wooden stick to push them cuticles back after you have softened them !

Hand creams and cuticle oil to moisturize your hands and nails every day. Moisture is a key point to keep nails healthy during the cold and dry winter !

Cuticle remover before using anything else on your nails. This one helps to get rid of dry cuticles easily and fast ! Barrier base and top coat so that your nail polish lasts as long as possible and doesn't make your nails yellow.

From top to bottom:

1.Naked nails, nothing done except removed old nail polish.
2. Cleaned my cuticles and trimmed my nails with a glass file.
3. Added base coat so that I can start doing my nails ^^

Nail polish swatches from Julep's collection. Check out more here. As I don't have any Julep products I own, I tried to make my own color map based on these colors. My color options are below ~

At first I wasn't sure which color to use but I wanted to match the winter theme so I went with Lumene and Rimmel nail polishes ~ At work I heard few times that my nails looks pretty ^^ It was a first time hearing that ;W;

Ta-dah ! Below are how my nails looked after all these steps ~ I did my nails on Monday last week and removed them on Saturday so they lasted pretty much whole week :) Would have lasted longer if I had added top coat, but I didn't add it because the texture of the nail polishes wouldn't have stayed the same.

What are your tips for taking care of nails during winter? How has your week started? Comment below and let me know ^^ It's now December yikes ! I should finish writing few posts... But they shall wait for later this week. I'm going to finish doing my nails while listening to music and drinking cappuccino.

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