December 16, 2014

Haul from Etude House Global ~

Helloo ~ I'm sure some of you are getting bored with my repetitive hauls and unboxings but there's nothing I can do. I want to finish off my current drafts before posting anything new... Anyhow, I ordered these from Etude House in November but I didn't include these to my November haul. If I did, the post would have been extremely long and picture heavy ://

Dear My Wish Lips Talk in #RD302

I wasn't sure how this would suit me because it's really dark. I've never tried this dark lipstick so I ordered it to try out ^^ I'm not planning to make a separate review on this, so I swatched it on my hand for you guys to see the color ~

The tube is so adorable ;W;

It looks almost black, really dark purplish red here.

This is more like the actual color. I usually apply this on my lips with a lipstick brush because it's so pigmented and I'm scared I'll put too much if I just apply it "normally" from the tube. So far I've used this only 3 times LOL ! But it's really nice color ~ Suits me better than I expected ! Perfect for those days when you don't have time to put mascara but you want to look decent :D

20 sheet masks

I ordered 20 sheet masks just because they were 50% on sale. So I got 2 for the price of 1 XD I'm such a cheapskate and I easily buy from the sales XD

Aloe (soothing relief) x 5
Green Tea (moisture & relief) x 2

Tea Tree (soothing & clean) x 5
Hyaluronic Acid (moisturizing) x 5

Korean Ginseng (revitalizing & nourishing) x 1
Pomegranate (smooth & energizing) x1
Pearl (bright complexion) x1

So far I've used 3 of the tea tree masks and I love those ;W; I just love sheet masks in general XD These will last for a long time in my use. I forecast that these will all be used by the end of March or so. We'll see XD

Real Art Cleansing Oil (moisture)

This was a free gift for those who ordered a lipstick from that range. Or should I say these... This is 250ml worth of cleansing oil but they're bottled in 21 little bottles so... they takes up a lot of space but that way they're also easier to carry around and maybe even give someone as a gift?

I've been using this every now and then while removing my make up and I gotta say I like this a lot ! It gently melts away all of my waterproof mascara that even eye make up remover made for waterproof eye makeup doesn't remove. The minus side is that it "blinds" me for a moment when it gets to my eyes T^T But that aside, I like this one. I can see myself using these for a year or more LOL !


That is all for now ~ I'm going to eat, take a shower and pamper myself with facials before going to sleep. I have to wake up at 5.30AM tomorrow as my work starts at 8AM. This week is the last week of my on-the-job learning ~ 2 months have gone so fast ! Bye bye ^^


  1. Noi cleansing öljyt näyttää niin söpöiltä! Mut uskon et vie paljon tilaaXD ooks miettiny pistää niitä johonkin vanhaan purkkiin tai ainakin osan?
    Nyt tekis mieli käydä tilaamassa tuolta kauheesti kaikkea!!! Toivottavasti kohta tulee taas sinne ale:D

    1. En oo miettinyt (eikä mulla purkkeja olekkaan, heitän aina menemään kun tyhjenee) :D

      Kyllä sinne kohta aleja varmasti tulee. Tosin, en suosittele tilaamaan nyt uuden vuoden ja joulun aikana. Tullissa enemmän työntekijöitä XD


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