November 15, 2014

[REVIEW] FAIRYDROPS Platinum Mascara (Waterproof)

Hello lovelies ~ Today I have a new review for you to read :) It's my first time reviewing a Japanese product as well as reviewing a mascara. So, 2 birds with one stone LOL ! I apologize for the bad pictures... It wasn't easy to take photos of my own eyes. But without further ado let's get to the review shall we ~

The mascara I'm reviewing is Platinum Mascara Waterproof type by FAIRYDROPS. This came in the Luxe Box I ordered from Tokyo Luxey a while back. 

Steal the scene with doll-like eyes from this volumizing, water-resistant mascara featuring a patented curling wand. " - Description from Tokyo Luxey 
FAIRYDROPS was created by a Japanese TV personality to make you photogenic and give people a great first impression !


The mascara comes in a shiny, pink tube that has white illustration in it. The mascara tube comes in a shiny, (to me) a bit tacky-looking but very Japanese-like box-thingy that has all the information in Japanese. I wish there was information in English as well.. Only titles are in English. The ingredients are in English though :)


I don't know if there are any online stores that sells Japanese cosmetics... I'm sure there are but I just don't know them. Anyhow, I bought this from Tokyo Luxey :D I have no idea how much the price of the mascara is... I guess it would be 20-40$. 

The brush is really funny looking ! Never seen a mascara brush like that before ~ So unique !


Below are the results on how the mascara looks on my lashes when my lashes are curled. Pretty dramatic results I say :D This mascara is pretty easy to apply, but it takes a bit longer to dry... And it's also pretty difficult to remove.

I first remove my make up with waterproof eye makeup remover, then with oil based cleanser or Konjac sponge and after that with foaming cleanser. After all those steps there are still panda eyes :--) So I have to wipe again with eye makeup remover and rinse with water. And after that with toner to get the final remains off.


+ Gives drastic results !
+ Waterproof and doesn't "scrumble" on my face
+ Unique brush, easy to use :)

- I have no idea where to buy the product...
- Takes up time to dry and remove :(

 RATING 4-/5  Would I repurchase the product? I don't think so. I want a mascara that is waterproof but is also easy to remove and dries fast. This doesn't do that D: But then again, this gives great looking lashes :D I don't know...

That's all for now ~ Have you tried this mascara before? How did you like it? I'll try to get 1-2 posts published during next week, so look forward to read those :) I hope you all have a great weekend. I'm going to continue my drama watching while eating popcorn ^^


  1. Hi Jenna! Wow this really works. But then you have great lashes already :D I also dislike mascaras that are too hard to take off. It's annoying LOL.

    1. Thank you Donah :) It's annoying XD Especially on the days you're too tired to do anything but you have to remove makeup and it takes ages...

  2. Ohh my this mascara adds such length to your lashes! ^ ^

    1. It certainly does ^^ Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Wow your lashes are soo much longer!! I'm impressed, I have never seen a mascara with this dramatic effect before :O I just stumbled on your blog because I wanted to get this mascara haha. Thanks for the review, I'm going to get this mascara next time I'm shopping eventhough its hard to remove haha ~

    Mindy ♡

    1. Yeah it gives a dramatic effect ! I think it's because it has these fibers in it that are used in eye lash extensions as well. The fibers makes a huge difference :D I totally recommend this mascara :) By the way did you check out my giveaway:


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