November 22, 2014

[REVIEW] 3 Concept Eyes Creamy Lip Color #5 Dazzling

Hello dears ~ I'm back with another review :) It's my first time reviewing a lipstick so don't judge my bad photos :'D I'm reviewing 3 Concept Eyes Creamy Lip Color which I ordered from Winkie Winkie in August. If you're curious to see my haul click here ^^ Anyhow, let's get to the review. I'm going to write this while waiting for my pizza to be delivered LOL

3CE Lip Color drenches your pucker in pure, lustrous color with just one swipe. Like butter, this luxurious lipstick melts onto the lips, layering on vibrant pigment. Moisturising formula is infused with 20% emollients like argan oil and cupuacu butter to soften lips and ensure smooth application without flakiness. Slightly glossy finish coordinates easily with any makeup look.
- Description from Eyecandys


The lip color comes in a simple, very classy looking, black box with the white logo. The same pattern is on the lipstick tube as well. Very good looking packaging if I may say ~ I like it a lot ! The packaging has all the information in Korean. Only the shade name, website and "Made in Korea" are in English. But then again, English isn't much needed for a lipstick. 


If you live in Finland you can buy this from Winkie Winkie with 19,80€. Of course this can be purchased online on various sites. On Stylenanda this costs $20,81 USD. You may also buy this from Eyecandys with $23,50.

The tube has this seal which you have to break in order to use the product. If the seal isn't there or isn't attached properly I wouldn't recommend using the product.


The lip color has really faint scent. It's nearly scentless to my nose. The texture is really creamy ! As I ordered this in August when it was still hot and humid... I didn't know that I should've waited for the product to cool down before twisting it to its full length.... It snapped from the whole length LOL ! Then I put it in the fridge and it cooled down there. Then the lipstick was also glued back together. Now I know better... :D

The texture is creamy as I said. It glides on smoothly and is easy to use to achieve natural looking lips. The staying power though isn't that amazing, at least on this shade. I don't know how the staying power is with stronger shades. 


I'm really sorry for bad photos T^T Anyhow, below is how the lip color looks on my lips. It settles on the fine lines pretty well... Not liking about that. It's too creamy for my taste but I still like the shade. It's good for autumn and the days you want to look natural :) I'd recommend to use lip balm and exfoliate lips every now and then. No lipstick or lip gloss will look good on chapped lips :( 


+ Natural, nice color
+ Scentless
+ Glides well on the lips
+ Somewhat buildable color
+ Looks very similar to the promo pictures

- Staying power isn't that good. Drink once or eat and everything has disappeared.
- A bit too creamy for my taste. Maybe matte/semi-matte finish is more like me LOL

 RATING: 3½/5  Would I repurchase this product? I don't think I would repurchase the lip color in this shade. I would like to try out other shades though ^^ 

That's all for now ~ My pizza still hasn't arrived... Below are 2 selcas of me wearing the mascara I reviewed on my previous post as well as this lip color on my lips ^^ I hope you all have a great weekend ! I'm going to continue You're The Best Lee Soon Shin and wait for my pizza. Bye bye ~ 


  1. The color is so natural, thanks for the review ^^
    I also love 3ce products!!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by ^^ I can't say I love 3CE products (yet) as this is my 1sr 3CE product... :D


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