November 06, 2014

October random pics (KDC and selcas mostly)

Helloo ~ It's already November and today it snowed here in Finland as well... I was planning to post this during last weekend but I didn't have time as I was watching dramas LOL ! But now I have time ~

Anyhow, as usual, this is just a catch up of my previous month was. First 2 weeks of October I was at school, then one week autumn break so I just watched drama after drama after drama and after that on 20th day I started my on-the-job learning at a clothing store :) Let's see how my October was ^^

I read a book ! I don't remember when was the last time I read something else than blogs or newspapers... So I loaned this book from library and I think I learned some new things about blogging ! I might buy the book if I find it somewhere...

Mom baked cinnamon rolls ~ Autumn is totally here, also winter soon, as I started to burn candles !

Food, Etude House and some nails ~~ 

Selcas ! My skin has gotten better again ;W;
I can say thanks to Bactosan and eating as well as sleeping better ~ 


25th October was KDC (K-Pop Dance Cover Contest) at Gloria for the 3rd time ! I missed 2013 so this was my 2nd time attending as a part of audience ~ The dancers were great as usual ! I wish I could dance LOL ! I'm better at remembering song lyrics yet I still suck at singing :---) Congrats to the winners !

After the contest there was an after party and for the first time there were also artists ! Two underground artists, Joe Rhee and KeeBomb, threw a mini-concert which was about 1 hour long I think. I had checked out few songs by Joe Rhee before, but I had no idea what kind of music KeeBomb does :D Turns out it was hiphop and I'm currently listening to his songs as well XD You can check out KeeBomb's soundcloud here and Joe Rhee's YouTube channel here ^^

After the concert they came down the stage and took selcas with the audience as well as gave signatures ^^ The photos are so bad quality but it's better than nothing !  Below is a video clip I took during the concert. The song is Still Working by KeeBomb :)

That's all I have for now ~ I'm going to shower and sleep. And maybe put a mask on my face too. I'll end this post with Joe Rhee's song that I love a lot :) His voice is so beautiful ~

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  1. Fun photos!!! Cool blog!! Would you like to follow each other on GFC?! Let me know and follow me on my blog, I will follow you right back on both GFC and Bloglovin!


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