October 02, 2014

Goodbye September, Hello October ~

Hello ~ It's already October and I can feel it. It's minus celsius outside when I wake up and leave for school. I have to wear a tube scarf, mittens and beanie daily or I'll freeze. I don't want winter to come... :// But here's how my September looked like ~~

Autumn has arrived to Finland ~ Autumn is such a beautiful season ^^

Snapped pics of Pepe and Nasu last Sunday ~~

Nails from last week and nails from this week ~ I've been taking part of #ablecaw14 challenge on instagram ^^ I've been doing much more complicated nail art than I usually do XD

My skin has gotten a lot better or is it just me who thinks so? Oh, I also dyed my hair :D
You can see the difference on the pic above when you compare left - right pictures on the bottom row ^^
That's all for now ~~ I'm going to continue my school work and then heading to sleep. Early wake up tomorrow and then it's weekend ! What are your plans for the weekend? I'm just planning to relax, do some school work and watch drama ^^

Ending this post with some songs that have been released late last year or earlier this year but I haven't shared my thoughts about them so... :D

I really like this ~~ Especially the beginning !
Traditional Korean music is so beautiful ;W; Her voice is so good too

Absolutely amazing song! They're making a Korean comeback again this month ~
They're one of the most underrated Korean groups I know. Mika and Karam are so pretty ;W;

A Japanese release by After School ~ I adore the whole song and MV !
They look stunning in those suits ~


  1. Are you going to see NU'EST in Helsinki? Do you even listen to them?

    1. I am planning to go if I just get my hands on the tickets on time :D And if I have enough money for the tickets... I hope the ticket sale won't start until 1st November... :D

      And yes, I do listen to them ^^


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