September 29, 2014

September Haul ~~

Hello ~ It's soon October so I thought it's good time to post my September Haul as I won't be shopping anymore this month. Life as a student is difficult. During some months you have to choose carefully what to buy so your money lasts through the whole month. Anyhow, let's see what I shopped this month ~ This doesn't include any monthly vitamins or other pills and the amount I spend on coffee per month... :D 

Lumene Matt Touch Pore-Tightening Toner - 6,90€
Anna Sui La Vie De Bohémè - 36€
Neutrogena visibly clear pore & shine daily scrub - 6,99€

All of the products are from Sokos Emotion ~ Except the Neutrogena is from Tarjoustalo XD The ones above I bought with my own money and rest I bought with the gift card I got as a birthday present ^^

Lumene Arctic Aqua Deep Moisture Eye Gel - 9,90€
Garnier Mineral UltraDry Anti-Perspirant - 2,70€

Mavala nail polish in shade 91 Reno - 5,20€
I've never had a nude nail polish so I think this is pretty close to a nude color?
I've yet to try how it looks on my nails :D

L'Oréal Paris Sublime Mousse Hair Color in 535 Luscious Hot Chocolate - 12,50€
Biozell Professional Chocolate Color Mask - 8,90€

That's all for now ~~ Luckily I had the gift card or else I wouldn't have been able to buy all that... :D I'm going to continue watching Smile, You before I'll go to sleep. Have to wake up early tomorrow... Didn't manage to wake up early today so I overslept. Whoopsie ~ Bye bye !


  1. I still need to try the Mavala nail varnishes, that's a lovely colour one!

    1. :) I mostly use Mavala nail polishes ~~

  2. Hi Jenna! Just discovered your blog. Nice picks! That nail polish looks really classy and elegant, i love nude colors for my nails too. :)

    1. Hi ~~ Thanks for stopping by ^^ I can't wait to try that nail polish :)

  3. I know how you feel about student budgets! Great purchases :)

    1. Yeah :/ Student budget sucks T^T
      Thanks for stopping by ^^


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