September 09, 2014

MEMEBOX Superbox #31 Herbal Cosmetics

Helloo ~ I'm sick with a slight flu so I thought I'd post this one now. In case I become more sick and can't even open the laptop... Anyways, I posted about Memebox a while ago and now I'm back with another Memebox ^^ This one I got for free as I won it from Memorable Days giveaway ;W; I've never won giveaways and I always thought it's impossible to win LOL ! The box I won is Superbox #31 Herbal Cosmetics ~ It's sold out unfortunately but there are some products you can find from Memeshop :D But let's see what I got shall we? 

Superbox #31 Herbal Cosmetics
Exhausted from yet another stressful day? 
Soothe and comfort your mind, body, and soul with our new Herbal Cosmetics Box, packed with beauty products made from organic herbs such as lavender, tea tree, chamomile, or peppermint, all highly appreciated in the beauty world for their amazing healing powers. 
Sit back, relax, and enjoy nature's healing remedy with Herbal Cosmetics!

CALMIA Herb Cleansing Oil Gel 100ml ($18)

This is a cleansing oil gel that turns into a milky foam-ish when lathered with water ~ It won't run away from your hands like some other oil cleansers might do :D This has organic argan oil and extracts from lavender, rosemary, chamomile, basil leaf and green tea. You can smell them really well but the scent is really nice and pleasant to my nose ~ It cleanses your skin really well but if you use a lot of make up I recommend to go again with Konjac-sponge or with some cleansing foam :) This removes make up pretty well but it doesn't remove everything. It cleanses thoroughly your pores ~ That's what I need for my skin.

CALMIA Rooibos Aqua Sprinkler Gel Cream 150ml ($34)

This is a product type I have yet to see... :D According to the description it's a moisturizing gel like a pudding, so it doesn't slip down like water. It says it's a all-in-one cosmetic which can solve five steps: Booster, Toner, Emulsion, Essence and Gel Cream. All at the same time. Sounds wonderful doesn't it? It has Rooibos extract and Sparkling water which gives minerals, moisture and nutrition to your skin. It has a citrus-like scent in it and I think it smells nice ^^ However, if the scent was any stronger I think it would be too much. I personally use this as an essence/emulsion/booster under my make up or sleeping pack etc. 

NASARANG Herb BB Cream SPF50+ PA+++ 30g ($46)

Wow this is one expensive BB Cream. And high SPF as well. Maybe a bit too much for my needs LOL ! It's a BB Cream made from various herbal and grain extracts. It has anti-wrinkle care, UV protection and it brightens your skin as well. According to the description it can be used for almost all skin types since it doesn't necessarily whiten your skin color; it'll just smooth out and cover up imperfections. I have tried this only once so far so I don't have any opinion about this yet.

SKINFOOD Bath Salt Honey Jasmine 80g ($3)

We don't have a bath tub at our home so I haven't been able to test this... I want to try it out so I'll keep this until I have a chance to try it XD So I can't say anything about this yet ~ 

ROSE MINE Azulene Calming Gel 75ml ($29)

This calming gel soothes, moisturizes and cools down dried, sun-burnt skin ~ It has extracts from chamomile which helps to alleviate redness, smooth out roughened skin  texture as well as reduce red blemishes. You can apply this before sunscreen or after a long day outside under the sun. It's non-comedogenic so it doesn't cause any extra acne or anything for your skin. I've been using this alongside with the Rooibos Gel Cream on my face now that I've got some breakouts again and I've noticed my pimple scars healing faster :) 

KSKIN Rose Sense 100% Essential Oil 5ml ($42)

According to the description this can be used as a scented perfume when dropped on clothes or under-arms, as an aroma bath oil, as a body massage oil as well as "your secret perfume when you're suffering from monthly period and it's annoying stench". What a way to describe it XD During my period I rather shower more often than use any oils on pads... Does anyone even do that? Anyhow, I don't know if I have any use for this as 1) I'm not a big fan of rose scent and 2) I don't have a bath tub as I stated above... But we'll see what I'll do with this :D

That's all for this post now ~ I'm going to finish writing few upcoming posts while drinking tea ~ And try to get rid of this damn flu. And later today I'm going to my Japanese lesson ~ :) I hope you all have a great week and don't stress too much (as I do...) :D Bye bye ~~


  1. Ihania tuotteita! Olispa noissa bokseissa enemmänkin Skin Foodia, vaikka tietysti uudet tuttavuudet on aina kivoja :D

    Löysin muuten viime viikolla Espanjan reissulla kosmetiikkaliikkeen, jossa kokonainen yksi seinä useine hyllyineen oli omistettu korealaiselle kosmetiikalle! Meinasin saada sydänkohtauksen ja myyjät varmaan katto mua, et on toi pimee ku ottaa joku miljoona kuvaa jostain hyllyistä :P Melkein meni koko matkabudjetti siihen putiikkiin, kun pääsi vihdoin testailemaan mm. sävyjä ennen ostoa :D

    1. Ite taas tykkään, ettei oo paljoa noita "perusmerkkejä" koska niitä mä muutenkin tilailen melko usein :D Noi kalliimmat merkit on tervetulleita, koska niistä en usein oo edes aiemmin kuullutkaan ~

      Haha voi kuvitella ~ Ite menisin varmaan kanssa ihan hulluksi XD Harmi, kun ei Suomessa myydä mitään T^T

  2. Toi on kyllä niin totta ja usein niistä tuntemattomien merkkien tuotteista löytyy kunnon helmiä :)

    Haha, no älä! Saman huomasi myös vaatekaupoissa, täältä puuttuu NIIN monta ihanaa liikettä mitä siellä Espanjassakin oli esim. Pimkie, Bershka, Primark, Blanco jne. Ostin myös niin paljon vaatteita, että piti kerrospukeutua kentälle, jottei käsimatkatavaran paino mene sallitun rajoituksen yli xD

    1. Suomeen sais rantautua muitaki liikkeitä XD


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