September 05, 2014

Augstagram ~

Helloo ^^ How was your week? I've been busy at school this week as well. Anyways, now it's time for the random photos of the previous month ~~ LOL I took so many selcas it's not even funny and here's not all of those XD You can see most of the pics on my instagram where I update about my daily life more often :D

1. Pepe judging you
2. Super good coffee at Robert's Coffee ;W; 
3. Going somewhere (can't remember anymore LOL)
4. - 5. First time testing the dotting tool by 3CE and I love it :D

1. One ootd from a day I was lagging at home *I miss summer holiday*
2. My face LOL duh
3. New glasses ~~

1. Snack at school :D That latte is so good !
2. Nasu being his chubby self ~ 
3. Smoothie I made for a breakfast one day 
4. New flavors for SodaStream ~ That Lemon Lime is really good 

Nails, Memebox, school papers and my face :) 

That's all for now ~ How was your August? I miss summer holiday so much D: Tomorrow is my 20th birthday btw woohoo :D *suddenly feels old*

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