August 21, 2014

Tokyo Luxey Gift Box

Hello lovelies ~ I'm posting this now as I'm going to be busy on weekend and I'm busy on weekdays as well because of school... Anyhow, this post is about a beauty box/gift box-thingy I bought from Tokyo Luxey to try out some Japanese cosmetics ~~ I found out about this site from Paige's blog at The Daily Dolly ~ Check out her lovely blog ^^ Before showing you guys what's inside the box I'll tell you a bit about the site itself because I'm sure not many of you knows about it ~
TOKYO LUXEY presents a brand new "luxe" gift box filled with Japanese cosmetics. 
You can try these exclusive TOKYO LUXEY Japanese skin care and makeup products that will be featured on the beauty reality TV show "-TOKYO-LUXE: A luxe makeover TV series "and airing over Asia-wide via Star World by Fox Asia
The TV show features Japanese makeup techniques demonstrated by Nobuto Yanagi, a popular hair and makeup artist from Tokyo. Nobuto makes dramatic changes to women using the Japanese cosmetics that we recommend. 
You can get the same cosmetics Nobuto used in the show if you place an order for the TOKYO LUXEY Gift Box. 
Enjoy the special offer from Tokyo Luxey!
Description taken from Tokyo Luxey site ~ The box has 300$ worth of Japanese cosmetics and the price is 32$ plus the shipping. The shipping to Finland was 25$. And because of Finland's customs etc. my Luxe Box got stuck in customs and I had to pay 10€ more because of VAT 24%. It was my first time when my order got stuck in customs...

This is how the box looked outside when it arrived to me ~

Inside it had this pretty box filled with Japanese cosmetics ;W; 


I have only swatched this on my hand but I will be doing a review about this someday ! So wait for it ~~ I have so many posts I should post... But school *sigh* I was surprised at how small this is !

FAIRYDROPS Platinum Mascara Waterproof

I have tried this on my other eye and OMG I love it ! Most likely I'll be reviewing this one as well ~
The mascara brush is funny looking XD

FAIRYDROPS Vanilla Puff Mineral Powder (Dark Ochre)

I haven't tried this yet... I hope it won't be too dark or too orange for my skin...
The smell is so nice ~ It smells like vanilla :D

OHYAMA Kiraan! Metal Magic Liner #Rock'n Rose

I'm a bit scared to test this one... Red glitter liner... to play safe when it comes to eyes LOL

KOJI HONPO Koji Lash Concierge

I have never tried fake eyelashes so I'm really excited about these :D Thankfully they look natural ~

MAKE IT & CO. Face & Body Wash Oil

I have tried this only once so far and I don't have much to say about it yet.
It smells like lavender so it helps me to relax ^^

24H COSME Powder Foundation

I haven't tested this yet... This one is another product I'm scared to try if it's too orange or too dark for my pale skin... But we'll see :D I might review this one as well ~

You can click the picture to go read more about the products on the site if you want ^^
Or you can just click the banner on my sidebar as well ~
I won't make any money with the banners so don't worry :D

That's all for now ~ It's 8PM here so I'm off to eat something and prepare myself to go to sleep and then wake up at 5.30AM tomorrow... School takes up so much time. I think it's mainly because I still haven't found the school routine back XD Tomorrow I'm going to pick up my new glasses after school and on Sunday I'm going to LEDApple's concert ;W; Bye bye ^^


  1. Hello Jenna! I am one of luxeys too. Great post and love your adorable blog.

    1. Nice to meet you ^^ Thank you ;W;
      I'll go check your blog :)

  2. Ei vitsi, mulla on kans tota Fairydropsin ripsaria ^_^ En tosin ole sitä nyt käyttänyt pitkään aikaan, kun mulla on ollut ripsien pidennykset. Se oli ihan huippua, mutta putelin puolivälissä siitä tuli jotenkin hankalasti poistettavaa ripsistä. Meni kai siis melko nopeasti "huonoksi" :( Ei vitsi, en tiennytkään tällasesta japanilaisesta "LivBoxista" - mäkin tahdon! :D

    1. Ite oon kerran vasta kokeillu ja taidan oottaa jonkin aikaa että se "kuivuu" vähäsen... Oli niin juoksevaa, että oli ripsaria ala ja yläluomissa kun räpytteli silmiä XD Mutta muuten kyllä tykkäsin ~

      Suosittelen tilaamaan mutta tullit ja postikulut... :// No mutta toisaalta, tää on vaan "one time" boksi XD

    2. Okei, eli ne ei pistä sitä tulemaan "lahjana" kuten moni muu firma ;D Mut kiva kun kirjotit myös tosta Memeboxista, koska ne vaikutti vielä enemmän ihan must-have kamalta :D


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