August 01, 2014

Summer Cleaning ~

Hello lovelies ~ How has August started for you? As I posted on my Facebook; I've been doing a summer cleaning in this blog. First I went through ALL my posts starting from 2010 and deleted some useless and old posts. I've been writing this blog since then and about a year ago I changed my blog url, name and layout completely. I started this blog as a lifestyle blog or more like a diary but recently (read: last year) I found the "blog me". This blog has become my place to list my favorite songs, post reviews, unboxings, hauls and monthly wrap ups of my personal life. I'd say that now the blog is more "professional" if I had to describe it.

4 years ago I used to post useless crap and after going through the posts I checked also how many views those posts had. I was pretty shocked to see that my real life related posts had like 5 to 40 views and reviews, song lists, hauls and concert reports has views from 150 to 3500 and more. Maybe my life isn't that interesting :'D

After deleting some old posts I realized I deleted all the posts from 2010, almost all from 2011 and some from 2012 and 2013 as well. I had 420 posts and now I'm left with 205 posts. Pretty nice clean up I'd say, eh?

I also went through the posts again and edited the tags: deleted some tags, combined some tags and added some new tags. I also changed the titles of my older posts to fit the post itself better. There used to be many titles with "rrandom" or "insert imagine title here" or even ":DDDD" so... yeah. Those had to go :D

I also added a new, proper navigation bar and removed the ugly blogger thingy from the upper side of the blog :) I updated the scroll top as well as some other graphics on my blog. Also updated/still updating the texts in the pages ~ Here's screen shots of everything that has changed :D

the ugly blogger thingy ^that one is gone now :)

old navigation and below is the new one ~ Looks a lot better to me ^^ 


Updated the blogger profile :) It's better now too, right? 

the tag list is a lot shorter now ! There were so many dumb tags LOL


Updated the some buttons and added some more as well ^^
Updated also the "Follow" buttons ~

old scroll top vs new one
Which one do you like better?

and finally! My blog has a favicon :D 
A cute macaron ;W;

That's it for all the changes ~ How do you like the small changes? Did you like the previous look better? Let me know by commenting :) I'd love to hear your thoughts ^^


  1. Nice summer cleaning on your blog dear :) The blog looks more nice and "clean" ^-^

    1. I know right ~~ Thank you for the comment ^^


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