August 06, 2014

LivBox August 2014 ♥

Hello dears ~ It's time for another LivBox unboxing ^^ The box arrived today and here is what it had inside for me. I got to say this might be the best box in my case ! At least so far :)

// LivBox saapui tänään, ja täytyy kyllä sanoa, että taitaapi olla paras boksi omalla kohdallani ! Tähän mennessä :)

The theme for August is "Favs of the bloggers" meaning that famous Finnish cosmetic bloggers/vloggers chose their favorites for this box ~ When I heard this would be a theme for August I got so pumped up about this box :) Some of the products have been in earlier boxes but I haven't tried any of the products.

// Kuukauden teemana on bloggaajien lempparit :) Kuullessani tämän heinäkuun puolella olin tosi innoissani tulevasta boksista ~

First off is Clinique all about eyes ~ I have never tried this and I'm looking forward to test this :)

It promises to remove puffiness of the eyes as well as fade dark circles.
Sounds too perfect to be true, but we'll see :)

Ingredients and expiration time. So I'm not gonna start this until my current eye cream finishes/expires...

What a cute tiny little thingy ;W;

Pure Konjac Sponge - Nothing to say about this LOL I just recently bought a Konjac sponge :---) Bad timing I guess? But I'm gonna use this one after my current one so no problem :D

Batiste XXL Volume Dry Shampoo - this is my 2nd dry shampoo. Previous one came in LivBox November 2013 so it was about a time for a new one. I tried this one today and it smells better than the previous one ~

The Body Shop Honeymania Body Butter - This smells like honey ;W; I tried it on my hand and it's a bit too thick for me to use during summer so I'll wait until colder weathers for this one ^^ The Body Shop is a new brand on LivBox :)

Since I opened it today I have to use it before August 2015 so I have time XD

See? It's a bit thick right?

Lumene Arctic Sun Bronzer - Never had a bronzer before so this is my first one ~ Excited to try this on my face :D I hope it won't be too dark... 

The shade is #1 Fresh Day and I can use it for 3 years ~

a swatch on my wrist ~ Looks like it's gonna be pretty natural for my face :) 

That's all this time ~ Once again, this box is amazing ;W; The best one in my LivBox history ~ This box had 2 full sized products; Konjac Sponge and bronzer, and 3 big samples :) The price of the box if all products were full sized would be around 88€ and the products in box are about 43€. As usual, I paid 15,90€ for the whole box :D

// Siinä kaikki tällä kertaa ~ Boksin arvo, jos kaikki olisi täysikokoisia on about 88€ ja tämän kokoisina, mitä ne boksissa on, 43€. Boksi itsessäänhän on 15,90€ :) Oliko teillä samansisältöiset boksit vai oliko vaihtelua? 


  1. Minun boksistani löytyi tuon sienen tilalla dolce & gabbanan suihkugeeli ja hyvä niin, sillä tuo sieni minulla jo on. :)

    1. Itekin ostin sienen viime viikolla, mutta mielummin sienen haluan, kuin suihkugeelin :)

  2. Mulle tuli täysin sama boksi :)

    1. Piditkö siitä vai oisitko mielummin tahtonut jonkun toisen sisältöisen? :)

  3. itse sain sen suihkugeelin ja olen iloinen siitä, sienelle en olisi löyä'nyt käyttöä. :)

    1. Kiva, että sait mieluisan sisällön :)


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