August 04, 2014

July wrap up ~~

Hi ~ July is finally over. It's already 4th April and soon my school starts again. In 2 weeks to be more specific. It's time to wrap up July with the monthly instagram/my life post :) So here's what I've been doing in July :D Sorry if I have a boring life LOL

Did my toenails ~~ Been just eating and spending time at our front yard ^^

Got a cold too D: And tried to design some nails when I was bored ~

More eating ~~ 

One ootd and more nails :)

Another ootd for hot days ~ And sheet masks are my love ;W;

Been snapping photos of our pets of course 

Bought and reviewed those Baby Lips ~ Been eating and hanging at Robert's Coffee too ^^
And taking selcas too :D

That's it for my July ~~  How was your July? What are your plans for August? Comment below :) 


  1. Voi että, onpas hauskat nuo keltamustat kynnet! :) Pitäisi itsekin kokeilla tuollaista väriyhdistelmää.

    Jos kiinnostaa, käy vilkuilemassa mun blogia, joka löytyy osoitteesta :)

    1. Kiitos ^^ Tosin, niistä piti alun perin tulla tämänlaiset:

      Naamoja tehdessä kädet vapis siihen malliin, että piti improvisoida :D

      Käynpä vilkaisemassa ^^

  2. Heei, ei nyt liity aiheeseen, mutta ootko kokeillut Skin79 Super Plus BB Cream:iä? Jos joo, niin tykkäsitkö ym? Oon aatellut sitä hommaa kun kaikki sitä tuntuu kehuvan :D

    1. Oon testannut useampaakin eri versiota :) Katopa tämän tunnisteen takaa: SKIN79


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