August 08, 2014

Buys from Winkie Winkie ~

Hello ~ Few weeks ago I wrote about my Winkie Winkie wishlist ~ Now I have made some of my wishes come true :) Thanks to that post I was able to get 25% discount on my order ! Thank you Winkie Winkie for making this possible ;W; And of course big thank you to all of you who clicked the links ♥ So now I'm here to tell you about my very first order to their store. My order arrived yesterday which is just 2 days after I placed the order. Talk about fast and professional work ! Big plus for that ~ 

Heipähei ~ Pari viikkoa sitten kirjoitin mun Winkie Winkie-toivelistaa ~ Nyt oon tehnyt unelmista totta :) Tuon postauksen takia sain 25% alennuskupongin, jonka hyödynsin tilauksessani ! Kiitos Winkie Winkielle ;W; Ja tottakai kiitos kuuluu myös kaikille teille ihanille lukijoille, jotka klikkasivat linkkejä ♥ Jotenkas, nyt kerron teille tarkemmin mun tilauksestani. Tilaus saapui 2 päivää tilauksen tekemisen jälkeen. Nopeeta ja ammattimaista toimintaa ! Tästä eteenpäin postaus on in English ~

all of the products and lovely message as well as some freebies too ;W;

I love these little messages that makes it feel a bit more personal :) ♥

A cute mini mirror as a freebie ;W;

hair stickers as a gift too ! I've always wanted to try these and now I have these :)

Thanks to the discount the lipstick was "free" :) I will be doing a review about it someday ^^

I absolutely love it ~ I decided to play safe and choose a natural looking middle length wig that isn't too long or too thick ^^ The color is different depending on the lighting XD The fringe was 22cm at first in those first two photos and it was down to my nose... So I trimmed it a bit. I still need to trim it as it's still below my eyebrows....

I still don't know how to put it on my head properly because I'm still a newbie but Winkie Winkie luckily included instructions on how to put a wig on, how to adjust it to fit your head and how to wash it :) That's a lot needed for a noob like me LOL

That's all this time ~ How do you like my wig? :D I'm off to sleep ^^


  1. Heii, kuinka laadukkaalta peruukki tuntuu? Hyvältä se ainakin näyttää!

    1. En oikeen osaa sanoa, kun ei oo aiemmin ollut peruukkeja XD Mutta kyllä sitä hiplatessa ainaski tuntee, että ei oo aitoa hiusta :D

    2. Hintaa katsoessa ainakin uskoisi että olisivat hieman parempia kuin mun ebaysta tilatut... Kovasti himottaisi muakin tilata jotain, mutta en tiiä raaskinko :'D

    3. Jep :D Ei ainakaa kukaa tullu eile kysyy mitää et onks tää peruukki tms ku olin se päässä pihalla :D


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