August 18, 2014

Beauty Blogger Tag

I was tagged by.. NO ONE LOL but I just wanted to do this :) I found it from this blog ~ Anyway I decided to post this now as I'm bored at school waiting for the lesson to start :'D My school started today so I won't promise to post that often T^T I'll try to post once a week !

1. State that this tag was created by The Beau Bow
2. Tag some more beauty bloggers
3. Title this as I've done to show what this tag is about

1. Name a beauty routine you barely do.
- Hmmm... Eyeshadow and contouring. I don't know how to do those LOL and I don't feel the need either. For contouring I think bronzer is enough for me :D

2. Is washing your make-up brushes something you do regularly?
- It's something I try to do at least once a month... 

3. How long will you last with chipped nail varnish?
- If nail varnish is the same as nail polish... Then I'd say about half a day? I can handle chipped nail color if I'm not at home but if I'm home/have a nail polish remover with me I'll remove it asap. My nails are so fragile that if my nail polish gets chipped then usually my nails will crack too... and I don't want that XD

4. How long do you put off buying/replacing a beauty or nail polish product even if you need it (ie. top coat, foundation, etc.)?
-  I usually try to buy a new one as soon as I'm getting near the end of the product if it's a product I use daily. If it's something I use like 1-2 times a month then I can put off few weeks.

5) What is your worst beauty habit?
- Popping pimples, not eating healthily enough (as in not eating enough greens) and having a messed up sleeping schedule.

6) Name something non-beauty related that you put off all the time.
-  School work LOL

7) When going out somewhere, do you leave getting ready until the last minute or not?
- Depends on how much time I have before leaving. I usually try to wake up at least 1½ hour before I have to leave home so I can take things slowly ~ *slug*

8) Can you commit to spending bans?
- Not that well... I do prioritize things I need to buy and see how much and how much is left then. I'm more prioritized during school time than holidays XD

9) How organized is your make-up & nail polish collections?
- I don't own too much :D That's the main point. All of my make-up I need daily fits to my make-up pouch I carry with me (Would you like to see my make-up collection..? Comment yes if you would LOL) and my nail polishes fits into one little box :) I think I have around 30 nail polishes including base coat, top coat etc. "special" things.

10) What is the longest time you've gone without writing a blog post?
- I think 2-3 weeks? Not sure. Nowadays I try to post at least once a week :)

I tag:
- And everyone who wants to do this :) You're all tagged !

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