August 09, 2014

August is time for giveaways ~

School is starting soon for me while some of you they might have started already. Autumn is obviously coming and autumn, especially August, is time for giveaways ~ Thus, I have joined many giveaways again ^^ I hope that one day I can hold my own giveaway. Maybe when I have 100 followers? *hint hint*

That being said, check out these 2 great giveaways I joined today :) I also have joined 2 other giveaways that are on my sidebar, so check out those as well ^^ If you're a cosmetic addict like me and can't afford to buy everything... Who knows? You might be the lucky one to win in one of the giveaways? I've never won anything so far though... So here I am again, testing my luck in various giveaways LOL

Click the pictures to go to the giveaway page and join ~ These are great giveaways no one should miss ^^

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