July 18, 2014

Winkie Winkie Beauty opens ~

Today it finally happened ! Winkie Winkie Beauty opened ! It's a Finnish webstore selling Japanese and Korean make up, lashes, accessories and wigs. The brands they carry currently are 3 Concept Eyes, DollyWink and I think SKIN79 is also coming soon. I can't wait until I get money so I can shop at their site ~ It's the first webstore in Finland that sells Asian cosmetics. I'm so happy ! They only ships to Finland as they're targeting customers in Finland.

Currently they are having a grand opening sale where ALL the wigs are -10% on sale ~ I'm in no way connected to the store but I just wanted to share this great opportunity to all my followers ^^ Check out their website here and FB here. This was just a post to inform all my Finnish followers ~ 

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