July 08, 2014

[REVIEW] TonyMoly Aqua Aura Water Bomb Sleeping Pack

Whiii a review after a long time ~ This time I'm reviewing this product from Tony Moly. I ordered it about a year ago from Cosmetic Love. Now that I'm almost finished with the product I thought it's about a time I review this. If you are interested to know more about Aqua Aura Water Bomb Sleeping Pack by Tony Moly then keep just reading ~ ^^


Take an adequate amount of the product, apply to all over face and neck. Use as night treatment. For all skin types.


The sleeping pack comes in a squeeze tube which has 120ml of the product in. The tube is pretty simple looking and has all the information in Korean and in English. On the back near the cap you can see that the product is good for 12 months after you open it.  Before you are able to use the product you have to twist the cap away and remove the seal. Then you're good to go ~ If the seal isn't glued well or isn't there I wouldn't use the product because it might be spoiled or something. So make sure the seal is there when you buy it ~


You can buy this from Cosmetic Love like I did. There it costs 17,45$. You can also buy this from various other sites and the price varies depending where you buy it. But I'd say it's ~20$ everywhere.


It has a nice scent in my opinion. It's mild yet somewhat strong if you get what I mean... It has a calming scent that smells a bit like lemon and menthol to me. Good to use before going to sleep (lol duh it's a sleeping pack) because of the calming scent.

The texture is thick when you squeeze the product out of the tube but it liquidizes (word...?) when you're applying it on your face. And when you're done applying it becomes really watery. Literally looks like you just splashed water on your face or like you are sweating a lot. Another reason why this should be used only as a night treatment :) You can feel the moisturizing effect right away !

How cool is that ? :D


+ Nice scent
+ Easy to use & has all the info and ingredients in English
+ Fits all skin types. You don't have to wonder if it's too moisturizing for oily skin or doesn't moisturize  dry skin enough.
+ Whole tube lasts a year if you use it like me. I use this 1-3 times a week or whenever I feel like my face is a bit thirsty.
+ Reasonable price considering the fact that I stated above.

 RATING: 5/5  Would I repurchase the product? Yes! I might repurchase this again someday but I want to try sleeping packs from other brands as well :) I have nothing negative to say about this.

Have you tried this sleeping pack? What sleeping packs would you recommend from other brands? Comment below and let me know ~ ♥

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