July 02, 2014

My TOP 10 Korean songs of 2014 1st half ♪♪

*phew* I've been catching up Korean releases from this year past few days so much that I realized I'm now able to read some hangul and I had a migraine last night. I learned my lesson and from now on I'll check all the new uploaded videos on YouTube daily and not just once in a week. And I will watch the videos as soon as possible and not just throw them to my "Watch Later" list. I still have about 430 videos to watch... Mostly Korean variety shows, vlogs and tutorials ~ But I have time to watch them right? *rant end*

You might have guessed from the title and that text but if you didn't; this post is all about Korean music ~ Last year I posted my favorite Kpop songs of the year (split in 2 posts, 10 songs in each post) and this year I'm doing it too. So in this post I'm posting my favorite Korean songs of 2014 1st half which covers all the releases from January 1st to June 30th. A little note, this year there were soooo many good songs that originally my fav list had 25 songs.

Just to tell you one thing; I have NOT listened ALL the songs that have been released in 2014 and I don't even know all of the releases. But without further ado, let's start my list ~ If you're not a fan of Kpop you can simply just skip this post but I recommend you to read through the whole post. Who knows if you might like kpop after this? :D

RAIN - 30 Sexy

I've been jamming to this since it was released in January ~ I just had to include it because it's Rain's first comeback since he was released from army. I'm so glad he's back ;W; I hope he would do a new drama soon ~ The song is super catchy and well, it's Rain duh. I think I don't have to say anything else ♥

Gary - Zotto Mola

Now here's the reason why I had to name this post as "Korean songs" instead of "Kpop songs" of 2014. Gary is not a kpop artist that's for sure. I should've just used the same title last year... Oh well. I haven't really listened Gary or LeeSSang that much before but I know that Gary is like one of the best rappers. Out of his two solo tracks from this year, I liked this one better. I liked Shower Later too but Zotto Mola just had that something that I liked more. Still don't know what that something is... I think that Korean is the best language when it comes to rapping. Korean rap just sounds better to my ear, while Chinese is the best for emotional ballads. I really like this music video ~ Oh, and can I just say this: GARY IS F*CKING HOT!

SPICA - You Don't Love Me

I haven't really paid attention to SPICA that much before this song. I have heard their songs but didn't really bother to listen them for the second time. This song however, got me listen to it multiple times. I absolutely adore the music video, their voices are superb and this song is really catchy! I can just imagine myself dancing to this alone at home while singing this song like the female lead in Witch's Romance did. I absolutely loved that scene haha XD In fact I've found myself humming to this multiple times... Girlpower LOL ! And the fact that this was written and composed by Lee Hyori makes it even more epic ! This song gives me the same vibe that I get from Wonder Girls ~

SPEED - Don't Tease Me

I've been following them since the debut. It's SPEED with Don't Tease Me ~ In this song you really can hear that one of the members is family with Block B's Zico. They looks the same, sounds the same and even writes similar songs. I just love those brothers ~ I think this song is super catchy and it might be the best song by SPEED in my list. Only thing that would make this better would be a better music video... 

AlphaBAT - Tanttara

I know nothing about the group itself except the fact that the name is AlphaBAT and the member names are alphabets from Greek if I'm not wrong. So this group is totally new to me. I was hesitating whether to put this on my TOP 10 list or not, but I ended up putting it because I simply like the song a lot. I've been singing the chorus at home a lot and it's been stuck on my head for days now. I should check out their other stuff as well ~ Dem leatherpants and thighs doe 

LUNAFLY - Special Man

Another group that I know pretty much nothing about.. I love their song called Fly to Love ~ I know the group has 3 members and they're a band under the same company with Brown Eyed Girls who are one of my favs ! I like the groovy-ness of this song and I think I like this song a bit more than Fly To Love. This is just my style ~ The chorus is really catchy !

Orange Caramel - Catallena

OMG I LOVE ORANGE CARAMEL! I just had to say that ~ They're a sub-unit of After School and I like OC more than AS. I absolutely love all of their songs and this is no exception. I swear they have the catchiest songs ever and Nana is so beautiful ;W; I've been watching Roommate where she appears and her interactions with Bom from 2NE1 are priceless XD The music video is so bizarre yet cute ! I sing this aloud at home and every time I get to the chorus my sister disturbs me and says I can't sing so I shouldn't even try LOL the sad reality :'D *lipsyncing while listening to this atm*

M.I.B - Bounce

I bet that out of the songs in this post, this one is the one I've been listening the most. I've been listening it since it was released and I absolutely love M.I.B ! Last year they also went to my TOP10 post with their song and this year they did it again. The song is super great and once again, awkward dance is awkward. Kangnam's vocals are super good and the rap of other members suits his vocals so well ! This one is another song I like to lipsync and sing out loud XD After checking the lyrics of this, I liked this even more. You all should check out the lyrics ~ Can I just say how pretty Kangnam is? It's not fair D: 

Crayon Pop - Uh-ee

I wasn't sure if to include this or not because I already have a cute song on this list. But after listening to it again I had to include it ! I love how it mixes kpop and Korean trot music together. I love trot XD It sounds sooo good and this one is my fav song by them. So much better than Bar Bar Bar which I love btw ~ I absolutely adore Crayon Pop and I've been a fan of them since the debut. They're really unique among the masses of kpop ! No matter what everyone else says, I will always love them :'D And the MV is super funny. Especially the guy at the background 

Jay Park - Metronome

From bubbly pop to dope ass beat ! Only in Korean music LOL ! My last but not least is Jay Park with Metronome. I have nothing special to say but I just had to include this to my list. I'm huge fan of Jay Park and when you throw in GRAY and Simon D it's game over. This song is just really hypnotizing and I'm a bit sad that it's only less than 4 minutes. I hoped it to be a little longer just to hear more of the beat. Grays vocal and Simon D's rap melts nicely with Jay Park's voice. This is a perfect collab !

That's it for my TOP 10 of the 1st half of 2014. What does your TOP10 list look like? Comment below and let me know ~ 
Here are some other songs I wanted to include but didn't include because of the limit... B.A.P - 1004, GP Basic - Pika Burnjuck, DBSK - Something, Sunmi - Full Moon, Troy - Green Light, MBLAQ - Be A Man, JJCC - At First, Akdong Musician - 200%, Eric Nam - Ooh Ooh, Puer Kim - Manyo Maash, 2NE1 - Gotta Be You, VIXX - Eternity, TOPPDOGG - Arario, Gummy - I loved... Have no regrets and Jung Joon Young - Teenager. If I had included them... the list would be endless LOL ! 


  1. As an Infinite girl I have to ask what you thought of their comeback in April (if you've seen it!), I love the whole album, and recommend it even if you aren't a big fan^^

    But I love some of the songs on your list too, B=both of Rain's songs have been on my playlist since their release! So smooth omg~~ Thanks for sharing your list Jenna! x

    1. I did check it out but I don't remember it being anything special.. Just the typical Infinite sound... But I'll check the song out again because I listened the songs from Feb to June in such a hurry in 3-5 days that I only remember minority of those LOL


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