July 27, 2014

KPOP is coming to Finland (finally!)

Hi ~~ 

Today I have nothing special to post. EXCEPT THAT THIS IS REALLY SPECIAL ! Finland is finally getting kpop ;W; LEDApple is coming to Gloria, Helsinki on 24th August. Kanzen Music is bringing them to Finland ~ Thank you so much ! I already bought my ticket as soon as they came on sale. If you are a kpop fan from Finland, countries near Finland and want to see LEDApple live this is where you can buy the tickets. They're still on sale and I hope they would sell out so we can make LEDApple really happy! They are on sale at tiketti and at Kanzen Music official site. All the VIP tickets in Finland concert sold out really quick and I didn't have enough money for those. So I'm going with a normal ticket :)

LEDApple tulee Suomeen ensi kuussa ~ Lippuja on saatavilla tiketistä tai Kanzen Musicin sivuilta (linkit ylempänä). Ite oon menossa keikalle normilipulla, koska VIP-lippuun ei ollut varaa :)

And that's not all ! AZIA Events is planning to bring VIXX to Helsinki if there are enough people who would want to see VIXX in Finland. Jellyfish Entertainment, home to VIXX, Seo In Guk and Park Hyo Shin for example, told AZIA Events that they needs around 1000 people who are interested for this to happen ! In order to make it happen just join this event at Facebook and spread the word. There are currently about 580 people interested going and 300 people invited. Let's make it happen and bring VIXX to Finland. I beg you ;W; I saw them live last year in Stockholm and I really would like to see them again ~~

JA VIXX saattaa tulla Suomeen JOS tuohon yllä olevan Facebook-linkin takaa löytyvään tapahtumaan ilmoittautuu about 1000 ihmistä. Tällä hetkellä on n. 580 ilmoittautunutta ja 300 kutsuttua ihmistä. Tuodaan VIXX Suomeen, jookos kookos? 

That's all this time ~ Next post I'll posting will most likely be a review so wait for that ^^


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