July 04, 2014

Junestagram ~

Time to wrap up June with the random photos ~ Make sure to follow me on instagram and twitter if you want to read more about my boring daily life ^^ In June I went to girugamesh concert, shopping and just lagged at home watching dramas, variety shows and videos on YouTube. I think no one has as boring life as I have LOL

I took quite many photos of Nasu ~

1. Tried to eat kind of healthily LOL
2. Made banana milk ~~ Next time gotta use less bananas...
3. Ate strawberries ^^
4. Fell in love with the Valio eila Latte and Rosé Pommac !

1. Tried the innisfree mask. I'm gonna review this someday ~
2. Did my nails and tested the Sally Hansen nail polish I got from LivBox once
3. Tried on the Puma hoodless hoodie I bought from Ellos ^^

Did my nails 2 times more ~ I currently have those simple dark blue nails.

Sani celebrated her 4th birthday in the beginning of June ~ Coco is growing up !

That's it for my June. I hope I have more interesting life this month... How was your June?

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