June 04, 2014

My life in May ~

My summer holiday has begun ~ It started about a week ago ! I've been just watching dramas pretty much like all the time and spending time friends as well :) But before I can start enjoying summer to its fullest I have to finish off May right? This is how I lived during May ~ 

1. The Cosmetic Love order arrived just when the month changed. You saw these in my April Haul ~
2. It snowed a little in the beginning of May :OOO
3. Pepe chilling on my bed ~
4. Cara and Coco drooling when I was eating breakfast one day before going to school
5. One of the last coffee breaks at school ~ the cheesecake was so good ;W;

1. Raining ~
2. Fell in love with this coffee ;W;
3. Studying for the last exam I had and Pepe was studying with me ~
4. Coffee to keep me awake while studying XD

1. One OOTD when the weather got super warm ~
2. Sheet mask time ~
3. Mud mask :D
4. A selca in a car while waiting for mum ~

And when it was super hot day I went to Seurasaari with my mom and dogs ~ The next 4 photos are what I took there ^^ Finland is so pretty during summer ;W;

And these are from the last week when I was shopping in Helsinki with Saara ~ May haul is coming up soon. Still need to finish editing the pics and make myself to write the post... XD

Ramen at Aya ~

First time going to the Starbucks in Helsinki ~
The Mocha Coconut Frappuccino thingy was so good! I want more !

That's all for this time ~ I'm really sorry for the quiet time on my blog... I'll try to blog more often now that I have time ! Bye bye ^^

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