June 30, 2014

June Haul ~

Waaa it's the last day of June ~ I went to shopping today with my friend and here's all I bought today and at the same time this is all I bought this month. Besides these I also bought one book I need at school during the upcoming semester, a ticket to LEDApple's concert in August and ordered some cosmetics but they'll take a while to arrive so I'll include them to July ~ Can't wait for them to arrive !

a new calendar - Kirjatori - 13,90€
I love how this has the option where I can customize the cover !

strawberry tea ;W; I love this !

and some instant coffee ! I've gotten addicted to coffee again during this summer...

Lumene Matt Touch facial wash gel and toner - Sokos Emotion - 9,50€
Cutrin Pureism Deep Cleansing Shampoo - Hairstore - 6,95€ (this was 50% on sale!)
Let Me Be volume mist - Hairstore - 2,90€ (this was just so cheap I had to get it)

3 nail polishes - Cubus - 2,50€ per one

Cute socks in summer shades LOL - Cubus - 7,90€

White top - Cubus - 14,90€
Grey top - Cubus - 9,90€

Puma hoodless hoodie - Ellos - 69€
Baggy sweatpants - Cubus - 14,90€

That's it for this months shopping ~ I bought lots of cozy/sporty clothes because I want to start jogging again but I have no clothes for that LOL ! I'm gonna go take a shower and relax with a sheet mask :) Bye !

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