June 08, 2014

May Haul ~

Hello lovelies ~ I'm a bit late with this but it doesn't matter LOL This is my somewhat huge May haul as I have ran out of many products and I needed to buy clothes and so on. I forgot to include some stuff since I didn't remember to take photos of those... But let's see what I bought last month ^^

Tea of course ~ This will last at least until the end of June and maybe July too?

Cute white dress from H&M - 24,95€

Gina Tricot - 14,95€

Gina Tricot - 19,95€

Gina Tricot - 9,95€

H&M - 19,95€

I also bought a belt, basic jeans and socks from H&M but I didn't take pics of them...

2 masks to try out before deciding if I want the full sized products or not.
The Body Shop - 2x 2,60€

Smoothing Eye Cream - The Body Shop - 21,50€

The Body Shop Mango Body Whip
Freebie because I joined their Regular Customer system earlier

Bath Gloves - The Body Shop - 4,90€

Louis Widmer Skin Appeal Roll-on Stick against Imperfections - Pharmacy - 10,15€

Eucerin Sun Fluid Mattifying Sun Protection - Pharmacy - 22,70€

ACO Spotless Daily Purifying Toner - Pharmacy - 10,42€

Mavala Barrier Base Coat - Anttila - 11,30€
Mavala Cuticle Remover - Anttila - 9,60€

Garnier mineral UltraDry Anti-Perspirant - Anttila - 2,65€

Free Lumene samples from Anttila ~ Fell in love with the samples on on the left and right. The one in the middle wasn't for my skin

And this I got for free from lovely Wan Wei who I met for the first time ~ We've been chatting online for a while but finally we both had time to meet ^^ It was nice to meet you and let's hang out again someday !

And this too ~ Thank you so much ^^

That's it for this time ~ I'm not writing about LivBox this month because I didn't have enough money on my bank account when they charged for the box... So wait for next month ! :D Bye ~

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