June 12, 2014

girugamesh @ Nosturi, Helsinki 11.6.2014

A concert report again ~ It's been 3 months since the previous ones. This time it's girugamesh whose concert I went yesterday ! It was my 2nd time seeing them live and oh my god I had forgotten how good they're live and how energetic their shows are! Like wow~ !! I bought the ticket as soon as they came on sale on February or so. I was soooo looking forward to see them again ;W; They're just perfect ♥

The concert was at Nosturi - the same place where I saw them last time in 2011. Back then it was during the cold winter and I was sooo glad that this time they decided to come during warm summer LOL ~ I arrived to Nosturi about 1 hour before the doors opened. I think I belonged to the 1/3 of the queue when the doors opened ~ Talk about timing XD I went to the concert alone this time as no one came with me D: But it doesn't matter because I don't go to the concert to chat with people.

The doors opened at 6PM and the show started at 7.30PM. The picture above is when they were still letting people inside. I had the spot I wanted, at the 2nd floor where the WCs are and there's also the table-kind-of-thingy you can lean to and you see so well ! I was there last time as well ~

They played for 2 hours and then they went off the stage. Then the encore shouts started and they came back ;W; They played for 30 minutes more and below are the pictures and a little video clip I took during the last songs. As you can see from them, the boys are so energetic live !

Based on the audience, myself included, the audience were most hyped up three times; when they came to the stage, when they played evolution and lastly but maybe the most hyped up during the very last song, Kowareteiku Sekai. It's such a great song that I think I would've been really mad if they didn't play that one!

This was the best photo I took. That's why I made it bigger than the others LOL

I don't know what song they were playing during that video so if you know let me know ~ Just look at how hyped the audience is ! I think this was one of the most energetic lives where I've been. There were pretty much no small talk in between just playing the songs and saying hi and bye! You know how some bands tends to speak a lot, they didn't. They didn't even introduce the members (but I know who is who so it didn't matter).

I think that's it for this report ~ Below you can enjoy few songs they played. Oh and if anyone has the setlist, please let me know. I'd like to know all of the songs they played :)

I hadn't heard this before but I like it a lot ~


  1. Hello, I saw the concert in Paris. They are fantastic.
    the link is a blog, with the report a concert in Paris. The language is Spanish. But the videos are complete

    1. Thank you for the comment ~ I'll check the videos as I don't understand Spanish at all :D

  2. aish... been a fan of theirs since forever but have yet to see them live. T.T
    Like I said on AF, glad that you had a good time. ^^
    // Naam

    1. I hope you get to see them some day too ~

  3. Moi! Osallistuit just mun blogin arvontaan. Laitatko uuden arvontavastauksen, koska hyväksyn vain yhden numeroarvauksen. Muuten voisit arvata 1-200! :D

    Kiitos! :)


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