May 05, 2014

instApril ~

It's time to wrap up April with the random photos that have been seen on my instagram *click click* as well ~ 

Tältä näyttää mun huhtikuu instagramin läpi katsoen. Seuratkaa mua klikkaamalla yläpuolelta olevaa linkkiä ~

Coffee at school, bored at school, homework and more school

Had time to do my nails twice in April ~ I really liked those black&white nails ^^

Bought some new tea ~ Aunt was visiting and brought cookies ;W;
How busy I'm at school...
Blueberry porridge for breakfast ^^
Nasu judging you

Me, me, me and more of me LOL

That's it for the April through my instagram :D Looks like I took more pics of myself than I thought... Now I'll get something to eat and start studying for an exam I have on Thursday. Bye bee ♥

Siinä olikin kaikki huhtikuulta ~ Otin enemmän omakuvia, kuin mitä luulin... Nyt ruokaa mahaan ja kokeisiin lukemaan. Moikkaa ♥

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