May 03, 2014

April Haul ~

The month has changed and it's time for the monthly haul again ~ I didn't remember I had bought this much stuff in April... I thought I only bought these 3 pairs of shoes... The month went so fast I didn't even realize it's already May ! But let's see what I bought in April shall we ^^

ankle boots - skopunkten - 39,90€

street shoes - skopunkten - 34,90€

running shoes - skopunkten - 29,90€
But actually this pair was free because they had "Take 3 Pay 2" sales going on.

L'Oreal Paris Make-up remover - Local Grocery Store - 7,49€

Aco Spotless Daily Purifying Toner - Pharmacy - 10,58€

Aco Spotless Blemish Treating Moisturizer - Pharmacy - 10,56€ (I think)

I saw this on Erika's blog and read her thoughts of it. I thought "I might want to try it out". I've been now using it for about 3-5 days and I'm really impressed ! It has made my spots less visible and faded out my old pimple scars etc. It has alcohol in it and I definitely feel that when I put this on my face. If you have bleeding pimple then you might want to avoid as it stings A LOT !

And then to my newest Cosmetic Love haul which arrived just in time for this post ^^

I've been wanting to try these for a while so I added this to my order as it wasn't that expensive. There are 12 different variations of this product, one for each month. How cool is that? In Finland we have nothing like that. I tried it yesterday evening with my PoreBrush and it foamed soooo much ! This morning I tried it without and it still foamed a lot even though I used less amount of the product. I really love the scent ~ I might do a review of this later if I remember LOL

This was the main reason for my order. I'm addicted to this product. Since my first Cosmetic Love order in 2012 I've repurchased this product like 4-5 times ! Absolute holy grail product for me ~

The masks are chosen in random order out of 12 different types. Now I have sheet masks for few months if I use 2 per week ~ I just love sheet masks ^^ They're so easy to use ♥♥ Anyhow below are the masks I got. I had to take the photos in sets of 2 masks per photo ~

And below are the samples I got with my order ~ 

[SKIN79] Super+ BB Cream Vip Gold Collection (reviewed here)
[Etude House] Precious Mineral BB Cream Cotton Fit (I will review this later)
[The Face Shop] Volcanic Clay Blackhead Aloe Nose Strip
[SKINFOOD] Royal Honey Toner & Emulsion

That's it for my somewhat small but picture wise huge haul of April ~ In May I have to use my money carefully since I still haven't got a job for summer... I hope I can get some kind of job soon ! Bye bye ~ ♥


  1. Eikös ollutkin kiva toi ACOn tuote?^^ Sen eron näkee oikeesti muutamassa päivässä! Tosin musta alkaa tuntumaan, että se ei enää näin päivittäisen käytön jälkeen auta niiiiiin paljoa ._.

    1. Jep ! Joo ei se koko aika käytettynä näytä olevan niin tehokas, mutta sillon kun tulee pahoi näppyi ni pistän yöks ja aamul on jo parempi :D

  2. Nyt tekee mieli tilata kasvonaamioita ihan hirveen paljon! :D Toi ACOn tuote näyttää tosi kiinnostavalta mut jos se sisältää alkoholia ni taitaa se sit kyllä jäädä pois mun ostoskassista :s täytyy kyll miettiä koska mä sen ehkä voisin testata :D

    1. Kasvonaamiot on rakkaus ~ Mut ei sun iho oo siin kunnos et tarvis noin tujua tuotetta? :D


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