April 01, 2014

March Haul ~

Wow it's now April ~ Did you got fooled today or did you fool anyone? Tell me more if either or both happened. Last weekend Finland moved its clocks one hour forward and it affected me positively. I feel like it's been easier to wake up on school mornings. Though it might just be the fact that I hadn't taken any vitamins for 2 weeks and now I started to take them again...

Anyhow below is the the stuff I bought last month ~ If you compare this post to my shopping on February this one is a LOT bigger. Maybe I went a bit crazy with all the sales going on everywhere... 

Three new spring shades from MavalaSokos Emotion had a special offer with 90 cents off from the original price so they were 4,30€ per one. Oh and I forgot to mention that I took the last one of the 297 Magic shade they had available :D

A new perfume ! I ran out of my previous Anna Sui Flight of Fance which I bought last summer.
I've been sniffing at this perfume on Sokos Emotion for a long time. Now I finally had a good excuse to buy a new one. This one is La Vie De La Boheme by Anna Sui and it was 36€

A new spring/autumn jacket from H&M ~ Original price was 40€ but this was on sale for 25€
Ofc I had to buy it. It's a tad big from the waist so I think I'll alter it a bit when I get more time.

Two shirts from H&M as well
White basic shirt - 9,95€
Thin knitted shirt with roses - 14,95€ (-15% off the price because I had a coupon LOL)

a close up of the roses ~ 

2 necklaces from H&M to go with the white shirt ~ Both were around 7-8€

Maybelline New York Dream Pure BB Cream #Light - Kicks - 13,90€
ACO Spotless Daily Purifying Toner - Pharmacy - 10,35€

Formula 10.0.6 (never heard or tried this brand) products from Kicks:
Deep Down Detox Ultra-Cleansing Mud Mask - 2,30€
Pores Be Pure Skin-Clarifying Mud Mask - 2,30€
Overnight Success spot minimizing patches - 2,90€

The masks are my new love but the patches... are a failure. Total waste of money imo.

Lumene Deep Cleansing Mineral Scrub - Sokos Emotion - 7,45€ (orig. 14,95€)
Lumene Beauty Base Primer - Sokos Emotion - 13,50€

Vichy Normaderm Hyaluspot - Pharmacy - 19,50€
I asked the sales clerk about what would be good one against pimples and stuff like that. She recommended me this one as I said I have tried many other products but haven't found "that one" yet. So far I'm really liking this one. It's expensive to me but it will last long as you don't need much at once :D

She also gave me some freebies as well ^^

These freebies I got when I was at Kiehl's at Iso Omena and went to their speed skin test or sth like that. The one where they tests the moisture balance on skin or sth.

From the test I found out that I have a mixed oily skin which I already kinda knew. But I didn't know that my cheeks are more prone to imperfections than my T-zone. Why? Because my cheeks might not get moisturized enough so they starts to break out. Looks like I'll be paying more attention to my cheeks from now on ~

That's all this time ~ I have to wake up at 5.30AM tomorrow (school starts at 8.30AM and I have to leave around 7.30AM) so I'm gonna head to shower and then sleep. Bye ~


  1. Toi hajuvesi on ihan sairaan kaunis:3
    Kiva haul! ^ ^

    1. Jep ;W; Ja se tuoksuu ihanalle :D

  2. Thanks for sharing your haul! The jewelery that you bought is so cute! *-* x

    1. Thank you for the comment ^^ Still haven't gotten chance to wear them except trying XD


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