March 21, 2014

Miyavi @ The Circus, Helsinki 16.3.2014

In my previous post I wrote about An Cafe's concert and now it's Miyavi's turn to be the star of the post ~ I'm sorry for those who aren't fans of Asian music but there's nothing I can do. You can simply skip the post if you want. Anyhow Miyavi's concert was on Sunday last week and I went there with Saara. We bought the tickets as soon as the sale began in November XD This was my 2nd time seeing Miyavi live ~~

The queue began at 10AM in front of The Circus but we didn't want to go that early. We met at Helsinki around 3.30PM and then we went to Subway and I had a Chicken-Teriyaki sub (? LOL I don't know the word...) After that we went to get a take-out coffee from Ciao!Caffe. I had the most delicious Cinnamon Dolce Latte which had cinnamon, espresso, toffee sauce and whipped cream etc. It was sooo good ;W; 

With the coffees warming our hands we headed to the queue and there weren't many people yet. I quickly saw Nilla whom I've been talking on twitter etc. It was nice to finally meet you ~ Anyway the queue went pretty quickly as I and Saara chatted pretty much nonstop throughout the time. The doors opened around 7.30PM I think.

We didn't want to go to the front row to kill ourselves so at first we were going to the balcony-thingy on the 2nd floor but it was closed that day T^T So found a nice place behind the mixing tables ~ I think I saw really well from there. Especially because Miyavi is so tall LOL

He played so many songs (setlist above) that I knew but also a lot of new songs I had never heard before... But still I danced around like a crazy person and sang along and screamed like a lot XDD It was sooo fun ~ He really has one of the best lives I've been to ^^ Plus he talked in English all the time and it was so cute when he was talking in Finnish while checking from translator on his phone ;W;

I wasn't going to take any pics but during the last song I took a video and pics. My phone was like *click click click click* all the time when I took the photos XDD Didn't even have time to check how they turned out.... So below are the photos I took ~

I also took a video during "What's My Name?. Enjoy ~ If you wish to use the video on your blog or anything please credit me by linking back to my blog :)

After the concert I managed to get the setlist from the people at the mixing table ~ Thank you ! I really need the list since he played so many songs I didn't know beforehand :'DD Gonna check those afterwards ^^ And while going back to the cloakroom to get our jackets I took this promo poster from the wall at The Circus... Not sure if it's allowed but I took it anyway LOL

It was sooo amazing concert but I don't have anything specific to talk about the songs as I was just enjoying the concert so much :D Without the setlist I wouldn't even remember what he played....

I guess that's all there is to this post. This wasn't as much fangirling as the An Cafe one or was it? I don't know :'D I'm going to get a cup of tea and start watching some Korean or Japanese drama. I hope you all have a great weekend where ever you are ^^

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