March 27, 2014

February and March through random pictures

Once again it's time for the random picspam of the month :) This time there are quite a lot as they starts from where the previous random post left around mid-February. Most of these I've posted through my instagram or twitter so you might have seen these ~

Taas on aika suurehkolle random-kuvaspämmille :) On kertynyt hirveästi näitä ja suurin osa onkin ollut jo mun instagramin tai twitterin puolella näkyvillä ~ Nämä kuvat alkavat siitä mihin edellinen random-postaus jätti, eli jotakuinkin helmikuun puolesta välistä.

1. My moms friend gave this to me to try ~ It's sooo good ! The first energy drink which taste I like
2. We had juice in our fridge ! The historical moment ! We never have juice...
3. My breakfast ~
4. Another breakfast :D
5. First time I tried making omurice ;W; It was sooo good !

1. My mom had a birthday and ofc cake is a must !
2. I bought few pairs of contact lenses to see if they fits my eyes. I still have 3 pairs left ~
3. Lulu taking a selca (or a selfie)
4. Nasu and Pepe napping 
5. Been eating a lot of Salmiakki lately because my school nurse told me to :D

1. It was a nice spring weather at one day ~
2. Bought some instant ramyun ~
3. Went to shopping with Marika and we went to a Chinese restaurant as well ;W;
4. my Cosmetic Love order arrived 
5. My ramyun LOL It looks so disgusting but tasted soooo good ^^

1. Nasu smelling the spring ~
2. Sani wants some food from me :'D
3. My nails ~ 
4. I had to take a blood test D;;;
5. A selca at the bus stop while waiting for the bus ^^

1. Another nails ~
2. A late breakfast at one day
3. Lulu ~~ 
4. We got another winter two weeks ago T^T
5. At Robert's Coffee while killing time before Japanese lesson ♥♥

Selcas XDD

That's all for now ~ Today I had time to write this post because I overslept and didn't go to school... Yeah I'm such a good student LOL But now I have time to finish unfinished school work as well ~ Byee ^^


  1. voitko auttaa.. seuraisin muuten sun blogia mutta mun blogger ei anna seurata ketään; tulee vaan koita myöhemmin uuelleen ja oon nyt kolmen päivän aikana koittanu seurata sun ja muiden blogeja muttei vaa toimi... :/

    1. Hmmm en tiedä mistä se johtuu... Mullakin nimittäin on sama ongelma. Siks seuraankin bloglovinin kautta :D Se on mun mielestä paljon parempi blogien seuraamista varten ^^


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