March 18, 2014

An Cafe @ Tavastia, Helsinki 11.3.2014

I'm a week late with this but I honestly didn't have any time to post this earlier because I've been so busy with school. But today the school ended earlier than usually and I have time to write this post. As you can read from the title this is about An Cafe's concert which was at Tavastia last week on Tuesday.

I wasn't planning to go there at first because I have seen them twice already but day before the concert I was like "Hell no I can't skip this!". So I bought the ticket day before and asked on twitter if anyone is willing to go there with me. I went to the concert with Sini whom I've chatted on twitter, Facebook and a Finnish Hello!Project fan forum as well. She has few blogs as well so make sure to check those ^^ Here and here.

Anyways I went to the concert queue straight from school with my 7 cm wedges. I had been walking with those whole day and you can imagine how my feet were hurting LOL But that's all about my shoes as they're not the main point of this post. I arrived to Helsinki around 4PM or so. I withdrew some cash from the ATM as I had no cash for the cloak room with me... And then I grabbed a sandwich from a grocery store as I was hungry and then we went to the queue.

This is the only picture I took while waiting for the doors to open. I saw a poster of their concert across the street and zoomed a lot. Thus the really bad quality. And just a moment after this they taped Miyavi posters above those as his concert was coming on Sunday. I went to that as well so I'm going to write about it in a separate post.

The doors opened at 6.30PM so it wasn't a long wait. And it wasn't that cold either as it had been a warm sunny day but it was still windy so it was a bit chilly when the sun set. These two are the pics I took inside while waiting for the show itself to begin ~

As I had already seen them twice before this concert I decided to go to the stairs just so I could see better and lean to something. And I'm glad I went because I was able to sit down for an hour before the show started and rest my feet ;W; Plus I saw really well from the stairs ~


Smile Ichiban Ii Onna 
RoMAN ~Let's make precious love~ 
Wagamama Koushinkyoku 
Snow Scene 
Ryuusei Rocket 
Amazing Blue 
Tekesuta Kousen ~Anti-aging ver~ 
Kimi no Machi 
Bee Myself Bee Yourself ~Jibun Rashiku Kimi Rashiku Umareta Story wa Hajimattenda~ 
Kakusei Heroism 
Maple Gunman 
Cherry Saku Yuuki!! 

BondS ~Kizuna~ 

Above you can see the list of all the songs they played during the concert. I thought they would play only new songs but OH MY GAWD! They played soooo many of my favorite songs and only song that was missing from my favorites they didn't play would be Summer Dive. But it's good since they played sooo many of my favs ;W;

When they started with Smile Ichiban ii Onna I was like "sdfdggfhgdgdfg" shaking and screaming from the bottom of my lunges LOL I didn't expect my inner fangirl to burst but it came out after all XD I was screaming, shouting, dancing, jumping and singing through the pretty much whole concert. Of course there were songs I didn't know the lyrics to *cough new songs I haven't even listened yet cough*. I'm gonna listen them afterwards LOL

I wasn't sure if we could take photos or not but I saw others taking videos through the whole show so I took a small video clip after they had played all the songs. Here it is ~

pic taken from An Cafe's official facebook

And this is the reality of every fan LOL I thought I would see myself when they took this photo after the concert. But yeah... I guess not. I can see my friend in the front row though XDD

And of course I'm going to end this post with some of my favorite songs by An Cafe ~ While you listen to these songs I'm going to say bye bye and see you in the next post ^^

I soooo was hoping they would play this ;W; But they didn't T^T
Oh well they promised to come back so I hope they'll play it then ~

Miku so looked at me in the eyes and smiled at me when they played this! I'm sure of it!

I have actually heard this once before the concert but after that I really started to like it ! Yuuki totally stole the show when they played this ~ And the music video is super funny XD



  1. Heiii~
    Mäkin olin An Cafen Tavastian keikalla ja oli kyl tosi jees keikka! Settilista oli tosiaankin mieleinen, niin paljon ihania kappaleita ja kuulin mun top.5 -kappaleet (Mousou Aikoukaa lukuunottamatta,mut enpä oo kys. kappaleen uskonutkaan eksyvän Euroopankiertueen settilistalle... :D), vaikka YOU olikin yleisön laulamana, ilman säestystä.

    Mutta niin, mun piti kysyä kans et voisinkohan käyttää tota sun ottamaa kuvaa yleisöstä, ennen keikan alkua? (Linkki tulee sit tottakai jne.) Löysin oman takaraivoni kuvasta ja se selvittäis hyvin, missä kohtaa suunnilleen olin. Paikkani kun sattui olemaan sen verran reunassa, että rajauduin pois An Cafen virallisesta kuvasta. :'D Ja käykö, jos kanssa pistän ton videon myös samaiseen merkintään?

    1. Jee :D

      Joo voit käyttää, kuhan muistat merkata, että on mun kuvaama video. Kuvassa onkin jo valmiina mun vesileima, mutta laita linkki mun blogiin :)


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