February 24, 2014

[REVIEW] SKIN79 Super+ VIP Gold BB Cream

Hello ~ This is the 10th review and it means I'm almost done with these. Only two one left. But without longer chatting this time I'm reviewing VIP Gold BB Cream by SKIN79. If you have read my earlier reviews as well you might have noticed that the other SKIN79 reviews have gotten the highest scores from me compared to other reviews. Wow what a long sentence, sorry about that ~ 

The ultimate blemish balm, Super BB Cream protects and cares for skin in three separate ways for a flawless complexion that glows with health. Adenosine and Arbutin promote a fairer complexion while reducing existing lines and wrinkles. Gold and caviar extracts nourish skin for a dewy and smooth finish. Natural UV protection deflects UVA and UVB rays to protect skin from premature aging. Apply on skin prior to powder or makeup. - Taken from YesStyle
This has SPF25 PA++ and the description says it should give a healthy glow, fairer skin color as well as reduce wrinkles. But I don't have those hehehe ~ And it also has gold and caviar extracts :OOO Wow ~


As usual from SKIN79 the sample looks fabulous ~ The sample has all the needed information in Korean as well as in English which is a good plus :) The full sized product comes in a pump bottle filled with 40g worth of BB Cream.


You can buy the full sized product from YesStyle and it costs about 16$ / 11,50€. I'd consider that pretty cheap ~ I'm sure this can be found on ebay and amazon as well. I didn't find the full sized one from Cosmetic Love.


The scent is pretty nice and flower-ish in my opinion. Though at some points it smelled like hand soap but I'm not complaining ~ I like the smell of some soaps hahaha XD The texture was really easy to blend and you only need a little bit. The coverage is build-able and I used only one layer. After applying it felt really light on my skin as if I had only moisturizer on my skin. 


From the coverage test you can see it covers naturally and looks really natural. From the laptop screen I can barely see where I have the BB Cream LOL Same goes for the picture on my face. It doesn't have that much coverage but maybe it's because I used it only a little. I think I should've added another layer on my face?


On my face it definitely covers my redness, dark circles as well as some imperfections. Is it just me or the lighting but it looks somewhat orange/pink on my face...? But it also brightens up my skin and makes me look more awake haha ~


This is the amount it produced oil in 7 hours. Pretty much nothing ~ I can barely see the tiny oil ring around the BB Cream. Nice ~

And this is my face after 7 hours. Didn't use powder or blotting paper at all yet still my face is less shiny than what it was with this Lioele BB Cream for example.


+ Nice smell
+ Easy to blend
+ Good oil control, works well without powder
+ Build-able coverage, covers naturally
+ Feels light after applying
+ Reasonable price
+ Hygienic bottle in the full sized product

+/- SPF25

- Could cover a little more at the first layer. But it's ok as it's build-able

 RATING: 5-/5  Would I buy the full sized product? I might ~ I don't have pretty much anything bad to say about this. Only good things ~

That's it for this review :) Another SKIN79 BB Cream I fell in love with and gave high scores to it. Have you tried this and if so how did you like it?

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