February 21, 2014

[REVIEW] Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream

Helloo ~ As it's my holiday week I'm going to take photos for the rest of the reviews during it. These pics are two days old and while I write this I'm also testing another BB Cream so it should be out by Monday. Anyhow this review is about Beyond the Solution BB Cream by Lioele. This is the 9th review so I have few reviews coming soon(ish).

Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream: It creates clear and natural skin tone by being effectively absorbed to skin. You can complete make-up speedily as it does not require any make-up base or foundation. Its bisabolol, licorice acid derivatives, and allantoin component soothe your skin and jojoba oil, macadamia nut oil, hyauronic acid derivatives, and marin collagen make your skin moisturize and smooth. - Taken from Cosmetic Love
As you can see it doesn't have SPF. I find it really rare since even Finnish products has usually some sort of SPF. It also has only one shade so... It might not be suitable for all skin shades.


This is how the full sized product looks. I really like the look of it. The full sized product comes in a 50 ml tube.

But the sample look however... To be honest the sample looks like a pile of... you know :'D

Why can't the sample look pretty like the full sized one?

Anyhow the picture is taken from Cosmetic Love site.


You can buy the full sized BB Cream from Cosmetic Love at the price of 12$ which is around 9,30€. If you want to try the product before buying the full sized one you're lucky since Cosmetic Love also has the sample size available. The sample has 3 samples and it costs 3,41$.


The scent is really mild to the point where I'm not sure if it even has any scent. It's good for those who don't like having scent in their products. I like my products with scent but I'm fine with scentless as well since no one's going to sniff your face to see if your BB Cream smells or not :'D

The texture is exactly like the description says. It moisturizes a lot and absorbs quickly. It's a minus from me since I found it difficult to blend because it absorbed so quickly... And I found it a bit too moisturizing for my face... I prefer matte finish.


I did the coverage test on my hand like I usually do. From this you can immediately see that it gives a glow to my skin while it covers most of the colors. It looks a bit orange-ish on my hand but on my face it looks kinda nice I think. It doesn't cover the biggest imperfections on my face but it blurs out some of them.


This is how it looks on my face. At first I added only BB Cream but after an hour my face was really shiny so I thought I'll add my Lioele powder as well. And I think it was a good choice :) I apologize that the pictures are kinda small... There was no way to fit all three stages to a same picture without making it smaller...


Here's a result of how much this produced oil in 6 hours. I checked the result after one hour and there already was a huge oil ring.

This is how my face looked after those 6 hours. I added powder yet still my face is really shiny... So I guess this might not be the BB Cream for people who have oily skin like I have.


- Only one shade
- No SPF
- Too oily for my skin (might be good for those with dry skin)

+/- Absorbs quickly (I found it difficult to blend)
+/- Decent coverage

+ Mild scent / almost scentless
+ Cheap prize
+ Fits my skin tone

 RATING: 2/5  Would I buy the full sized product? Nope. I don't want shiny face.

That's all this time. Have you tried this BB Cream? Tell me your experiences with it ~


  1. I've not tried this, but personally my favourite BB cream is the Skin79 super BB cream(: It has good coverage and lasts all day~ I recommend you try that one out if you get the opportunity! Thanks for your review Jenna!^^ x

    1. Yeah I've tried the Snail one from SKIN79 and the Orange one. Liked the orange one a lot ~

      Today I also took photos for one SKIN79 review so it should be out soon :)

  2. Oon halunnut kokeilla tästä sitä Triple the solution -versiota, se on kuulemma todella hyvää ja peittävää :o en oikein uskalla lähteä tilaamaan Mitään BB-voidetta, kun mulla on paljon näppyä ja muuta peitettävää + rasvainen iho. En kuitenkaan halua käyttää mitään, mikä ei peitä tarpeeksi :/

    Löysin muuten äsken sun blogin, vaikuttaa todella kivalta :) täytyy jäädä selaaman pitemmäksi aikaa ;)

    1. Mulla on siitä testeri, joten siitä on tulossa jossain vaiheessa arvostelua :) Kiitos kommentista ~


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