January 19, 2014

new hair, new school, new instagram

Taas on vaihteeksi kertynyt hirveästi random-kuvia. Kai se twitter ja nykyisin myös instagram sitä teettävät... Ja älypuhelin tekee kuvailun entistä helpommaksi hehehe ~ Taas on aika random-kuville ! Jeee! Nämä ovat kaikki tammikuulta, ja suurin piirtein aikajärjestyksessäkin, joten eiköhän katsota mitä turhaa ja turhempaa on tullut kuvailtua kuluneen kuukauden aikana.

Once again I've got a huge pile of random photos. I guess having a twitter and now also instagram makes that... And having a smartphone makes photo-taking even more easier hehehe ~ So it's time for random photos ! Yaaay! These are all from January and somewhat in time-order as well. Let's see what random and even more random photos I took during the month shall we.

1. Cara had done some cleaning while the whole family was outside the house...
2. "I didn't do anything"-face
3. Fluffy socks I got as a Christmas present from my aunt ;W;
4. Lulu chilling in the... sink?
5. Look at the amount of receipts from 2013 ! And that's not even all!

1. Nails from one week ~
2. New Year Eve's dinner ;W; It was soooo good !
3. Mom knitted wool socks for me ^^
4. Tried out one receipt I saw in one episode of Korean variety show "Happy Together". It's sooo good! If you want the recipe just ask and I might post it ~
5. Hot chocolate with winter feel: add 2 table spoons of vanilla sugar and a little bit of cinnamon alongside the cocoa powder and hot milk

1. Got this Dior eyeshadow palette from my sister since she said she doesn't need it. Not sure if I need it but it's pretty :DD
2. Mud mask time !!
3. A photo my sister took one day ~ This is why I don't take OOTDs...
4. Pork wok ! I love this ;W;

Loads of selcas before my hair cut ! You can see from the 3rd pic how dry and damaged they are.......

My school offers this study guide for the students. I don't give a crap about them usually but this time is different! It has the list of all the courses I'm taking, a calender so I can separate school and other stuff and what's best! It has A MAP of the school floors! My school started on Friday and I got lost inside the school for 15 minutes. I spent 15 freaking minutes searching the door after school ! I almost missed my train because of that :'DD

And few selcas after the haircut !
I'm so in love with that Holika Holika lipstick I ordered from Cosmetic Love in December ;W; 

I'm currently listening music and editing pics for couple upcoming posts as well as writing the texts ~ I hope you all had a great weekend ! OH! I mentioned that I have an instagram account now ~ You can follow me @ jjennahoo ^^ That's all this time ~ Bye bye ♥♥


  1. Loooove your pictures! :D And your doggy is so cute with her mischief! :3



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