January 01, 2014

My TOP 10 K-Pop Songs of 2013 2nd half ♪♪

WOW! It's already the last day of 2013 when I'm writing this. Most likely it will be 2014 when I finish writing and publish the post so: HAPPY NEW YEAR ! I hope you all had a great 2013 and may 2014 be even better. Anyhow without longer introduction here comes My TOP 10 K-Pop Songs of 2013 2nd half ! I listed my TOP 10 from the 1st half back in June and you can see them here *click* ^^

Like with the 1st half this 2nd half also has 10 of my favorites. They're in no particular order and I have to say that the 2nd half of 2013 was much more difficult than the 1st half. Like WOW! There were so many good comebacks that OMFG I just can't. But now let's get to the list ~ ^^

Kim Hyun Joong ft. Jay Park - Unbreakable

I... Have no words XD I just couldn't leave this out. It has 3 of my favorite things in the world in one. What those are you ask? Well, SS501 member, Jay Park and DOPE ASS SONG ! Plus shirtless men are always a plus *W* I've been jamming to this song ever since it got released in July. The combination of Kim Hyun Joong and Jay Park is a combination I honestly never imagined to hear yet here it is. And it sounds (and looks) good as hell ! Kim Hyun Joong totally shed his flower boy image from SS501 and his dramas and older songs. He has grown up ! Me likes ~

HISTORY - What Am I To You?

I can't believe why I haven't checked out their music earlier. I'm disappointed in myself T^T Anyhow I found out their music this year when I was watching the episode of Arirang TV's After School Club where they were guests. They're SOOO FUNNY! Oh, about the song. I like it. A lot. I don't know what's the thing that catches me the most. It might be the looks, it might be the dance, it might be the song itself. Anyway I LIKE IT! It's different from the mass of Kpop ~ Go HISTORY! I need to check out some other stuff from them as well ~ I'm so in love with the tall guy who sings/raps first XD

Seungri - Gotta Talk To U

Woooo first YG song! I'm a YG bias in case you didn't know that already ~ Though I do love many other companies as well but mostly my biases comes from YG. Okay let's leave that aside now. I wanted to buy Seungri's minialbum but I ended up buying G-Dragon's Coup D'etat album. I should buy more albums I only own one ;___;

ANYHOW! To the song! I don't know what to say. It's not really my style but I've ALWAYS liked Seungri's solos. I loved V.V.I.P a lot. I like this one too but it's not as good. Though I don't get the MV... Oh well Seungri looks good :D I also liked the Japanese version of this a lot ~ I'm a hustlin' hustlin' ~ I always hear it as I'm a handsome man handsome man....

M.I.B - Dash

OMG! When M.I.B released this I knew it would end up to my TOP10 list ! I love all of their songs. So far Nod Along was my favorite but now this is my new fav song by them ! I just love everything in the song. The beat is funny, the rap is good as always, Kangnam's vocals are dfDSF he's my bias btw and the awkward dance is awkward XD The music video is also really good. The story makes more sense if you've watched the teasers since it's continuation to the teasers. I just love everything in this song ! I hope that one day they'll win #1 on music shows ! And OMGFGSDFg they look sooooo good with those suits omg I can't *Q*

Block B - Be The Light

OH GAWD! This was difficult! I wanted to include Very Good and Be The Light both but after an hour of hesitating which one to put I went with this one. Only reason to that is because it's a ballad and sooo different from Block B's other songs. I'm so glad that seven seasons picked up Block B and they can release new music again. I'm so proud of them ;W; I absolutely love this song and the MV both. The MV is sad. In case you don't know what it's about: U-Kwon aka the guy getting beaten represents Block B and the girl represents their fans. That's how I understood it after watching the MV many times. I still remember how I cried the first time I watched the MV ;___; ♥

T-ARA - Number 9

Without longer blabbing: I LOVE T-ARA! They're one of my fav girl groups and this is one of their best songs ever ! They're all so pretty in the MV and the song is dope ! I've been listening to it ever since it got released. I bet this is one of my most listened tracks in 2013 ! Oh just realized that the year has changed ~ I just love this ! I know many others love this as well (or at least that Vilma likes this :D) ~ This is perfect and that's all I'm going to say.

miss A - Hush

I haven't really had any opinion on miss A before. I liked Breathe and Bad Girl Good Girl but I didn't know who was who and I didn't count them as my "groups I listen to". I just knew those 2 songs. But then they came with Hush this year and DAMN! I was sold! It was love at first hearing. I really loved the song and the music video as well. Now I know who is who instead of just thinking of miss A as "Suzy and her backup dancers" and I can say Fei and Min are my favorite members ~ Alongside with T-ARA this also has to be one of my most played tracks from 2013 !

T.O.P - Doom Dada

I have nothing to say actually. I love all about this. It's so weird and so good at the same time. Listen to it and you'll either hate it or love it XD Definitely one of the best YG songs and MVs all time ~

2NE1- Missing You

Wow already 3rd YG song! You can see that the 2nd half definitely was better in YG at least in my opinion. Not much to say about this either. 2NE1's earlier releases this year as well as CL's solo weren't that good in my opinion. However this one is very good ! It clearly shows that less is more and you always don't have to put autotune and dubstep and electro to every song. I actually cried when I first listened this song. I can really feel their emotions ! I don't know why some people says that this is bad song :OO Sure, it's not their best song but it definitely is their best song from 2013 ! This is just simply so damn beautiful ;W; AND OH MY GOD MINZY'S VOICE IS SO GOOD !

VIXX - Only U

And last but not least on my TOP10 list is VIXX with Only U. I wasn't sure if to put this one or Voodoo Doll but I put this one because I like the song better. Voodoo Doll has great MV but I like the song in Only U lot lot more. Plus the MV brings me the memories from their concert in Sweden 2 months ago ;W; All I can say is that in 2013 VIXX has grown to my favorite groups. And apparently they grew to many hearts in Korea as well since they finally got their 1st win on music show in Korea ! I'm so proud and I hope they'll continue growing in 2014 as well ! 

That's the end of my 2nd half of 2013 TOP10 list. What were your fav K-Pop songs from 2013? Comment below and let me know ^^


  1. Oooh this post just appeared in the perfect moment! :D I have a cup of coffee ready and had no idea what music to listen to! Let the KPOP love begin! :D

    Happy New Year! Hope you have a wonderful time! ^_^


  2. Hahah yay good :D Thanks :) Happy New Year to you as well ~

  3. You picked some awesome songs~ Block B have made some of my favourite songs of the year, Very Good is now my most played Block B song hehe^^ 2NE1 also have had some amazing songs out this year too!

    If I were to pick mine Infinite's Destiny is definitely top for me, that's one of my all time favourite songs now:D Snake by A-JAX is also a really fun song that I love~ It's so hard to pick so few though hehe:P x

    1. Yeah Block B is dsffsdg I can't XD I think 2NE1's releases this year as well as CL's solo were kinda lame even tho they're my bias group. But Missing You is damn good ~~

      I thought Destiny was a bit boring...


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