January 02, 2014

Last pictures of 2013 ~

Heippahei ~ ^^

Nyt on taas vuorossa tämmöinen random kuvapläjäys, johon oon lätkässyt kännykästä kaikenlaisia kuvia. Suurin osa näistä on näkynyt mun twitterin puolellakin. Pitäisköhän mun tehdä instagram jossain vaiheessa... Edellinen kuvapläjäys-postaus oli marraskuun puolessa välissä, joten tämän postauksen kuvat alkavat marraskuun loppupuolelta joulukuun lopulle. Koitin laittaa ne jonkinmoiseen aika-aihe järjestykseen, mutta en nyt tiedä tuliko siitä sen selvempi...

Once again it's time for random photo spam post update where I just threw various pics from my phone. Most of them have been on my twitter if you're wondering where you might have seen them before. I wonder if I should make instagram at some point... The previous random photo spam was in the middle of November so the photos in this post are from the end of November to the end of December. I tried to put them in some sort of time-theme order but I don't know if it's any clearer...

1--2. Cara is already 6 months old ! She's grown sooo much ~
3. hahaha had to take a pic since the cats were all in line :'DD
4. Pepe ~ 
5-6. Nasu ^^

1. My sister made dinner on one day 
2. Instant hot chocolate but I don't know where I drank it... Might have been when I had the last Japanese lesson before Christmas break in November...?
3. Pre-Christmas cooking
4. FOOD !

My mom's old time friend came to visit in the beginning of December so mom baked various things :D

1. Window light..?
2. "There's someone at the door"
3. My nails from one week. First time I tested the new Lumene nail polish I bought in November
4. Cleaned some of my brushes and sponges...
5. Unfortunately one of them broke in the process.. I thought it was sewn but it was glued T^T

1. It was snowing ~
2. Spinach soup ^^
3. Gingerbreads I made with my sister and we decorated some of them :D
4. Nasu sleeping on my bed ;W;
5. Sani looking dumb

1. My Ice Latte or Ice Mocca, donut and a pastry when I was shopping with Marika in December
2. I've been eating lots of Kiwi lately ^^
3. Another Ice Latte or Ice Mocca while I was shopping with my sister
4. And the lunch at Hesburger on the same day... I had french fries with dipping sauce and just cold ice water ~ The burger, cola and coffee belongs to my sister
5. Drinking glög (don't know if it has an English word..? It's like hot juice with various spices) while snacking gingerbreads XD
6. More gingerbreads ~

1. The biggest amount of the snow we had this winter.... Now there's just water and rain T^T
2. My kitchen hygiene knowledge certification arrived !
3. Cara always sleeps like that XD
4. What would Christmas be without chocolate?
5. I got accepted to school ! I'll start studying business and administration at Helsinki Business College on 17th January this year !

1. Christmas dinner on Christmas Day at my aunts house ~
2. The dessert on a same day
3. My sister made mango cheesecake for her 17th birthday *W* It was soooo good !
4. Last selca of 2013 ! A dumb looking one...

Siinä kaikki tällä kertaa. Piti tulla postaamaan tämä pois alta, että voin aloittaa uuden vuoden puhtaalta pöydältä. On mulla kyllä luonnoksissa vielä muutama postaus kesken...

That's all this time. I had to come post this so I can get it done and away from my post sketches in order to start the new year ~ I still have few unfinished posts in the sketches though...

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