January 30, 2014

January Haul ~

Hello hello ~ It's been more than a week already since my previous post. Wow! I was planning to publish posts more often but I guess starting school takes more time to get used to and find the balance between school and blog and life and all that stuff. Anyhow, now I have some free time to post so I came to share my January Haul ~

Heipparallakkaa ~ Taas on vierähtänyt yli viikko edellisestä postauksesta... Tätäkö se koulun aloittaminen sitten tarkoittaa? Mulla oli suunnitelmissa julkaista useampia postauksia, mutta kappas, ei ole ollut aikaa. Ilmeisesti mulla menee aikaa totuttautua kouluun ja löytää tasapaino koulun, elämän, blogin ja kaiken välillä. Mutta joo, nyt on vähän ekstra-aikaa postailulle, joten tässä tulee tammikuun ostokset

Let's start with my Cosmetic Love mini order :D I ordered these in December but decided to include them to this January Haul... My 3rd jar of Nature Republic Soothing Gel. It's my favorite moisturizer since it doesn't oil my skin and it doesn't give me breakouts and I can use it to my hair as well. Holy Grail for sure. Plus it's cheap ! I use this twice every day in my skin care routine and for me this one jar lasts around 5-6 months. So it's definitely worth the 10$ it costs XD

Next up is my Holika Holika Heartful Moisture Lipstick in the shade named #RD808 Kissing Red. It costs around 9-11$ I guess. You can see the swatch on my hand below. On my lips it looks like in this post *click*. It's really pigmented but unfortunately it doesn't last long. As soon as you drink or even apply lipbalm it goes away. But to prevent that you just have to moisturize well before applying. And re-apply after eating, drinking etc.

And then to my regular buys of the month ~ This month I bought quite a lot of stuff... I guess. There's skin care, nail products, school stuff, clothes etc :D

New lip balm from pharmacist ~ This is my HG when it comes to lip balms ^^

Eye Makeup Remover from Lumene ~

Quick help for breakouts by Neutrogena visibly clear

Three glitter nail polishes from Gina Tricot. They were on sale 3 with 10€ so I had to buy...

Face masks from H&M ~ They were 95 cents / one. So far I've tried the Raspberry one and the Blackcurrant one. They didn't cause me breakouts or allergic reactions. 

2-for-1 sales ~ Gotta love them XD Bought two body scrubs from Sokos Emotion

One can never have enough socks. Those panda socks are so warm and comfy and cute ;W;

2 pairs of jeans from Cubus ~ They were 15€ / pair.The colors below are more accurate.

Warm leggings from some random store. Not the best quality... I already broke them... and I wore them only 3 times... Oh well, gotta fix them somehow. 

And then school stuff ~ Needed new pens and notebooks ~

Teaaa ~ ;W;

Finally bought a new wallet ~ It's big enough to fit my phone as well ! This is from the same random store where the leggings are from. I hope this doesn't break off easily...

Besides all these I also bought stockings, coffee at school ofc, junk food and ticket to girugamesh concert which is in June ! It will be my 2nd time seeing them live. It's been already 3 years since I saw them in 2011. WOW time sure flies :OO

That's all this time ~ I'll try to get one post out on Wednesday next week since it's a day off. Soon I have to go to sleep because I need to wake up at 5AM tomorrow... School starts at 8AM... 


  1. ihana toi sydän huulipuna <3 kiva ulkoasu sun blogil!


    1. Joo se on ihana :) Ja tuoksuu kanssa kivalta ~ Kiitos kommentista ^^

  2. great stuff ! the lip is very cute :)



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