December 29, 2013

[REVIEW] TonyMoly Expert Triple BB Cream

Oh gosh this is late T^T Apologies for that. I took the photos like... 2 months ago but I never got the inspiration to edit them or write the post... Thankfully I always write notes on a paper while testing products or else I would forget my thoughts on them...

This time I'm reviewing TonyMoly Expert Triple BB Cream. It came as a sample from my 12 different kind of BB Cream sample bag when I ordered it from Cosmetic Love earlier this year. Now they are having the sample bag sale again except that this time they have few CC Cream samples as well. Looks like this BB Cream sample isn't in the bag this time. If you want to buy the samples you better be fast since they're available for a limited time only. Click here for more info.

The Tony Moly Expert Triple BB cream is a multifunctional BB cream with SPF 45++ PA that has skin whitening, sun protection and wrinkle treatment properties. It is formulated with red ginseng extract, which is an important factor in enhancing the skin’s immunity by regenerating fibroblasts. It also has organic lavender extract that aids in restoring dry and damaged skin. The third primary ingredient is the B-Glucan substance that helps protect the skin’s langerhans cell from destructive UV rays. This BB cream thus keeps the skin bright, healthy, elastic and radiant looking. 50 ml.
[How to Use]
After skincare routine and base make up, apply appropriate amount of the BB cream onto the face. Lightly and evenly spread it, and gently pat afterwards. 
Taken from: momomango site
So, based on the description I can see that it's not for my skin type... My skin is everything else than dry. But I'm still positive since it says it helps to improve damaged skin. My skin isn't damaged but I do have many imperfections. But I can't find any information about the shades. Does that mean there's only one shade of this?


The look of the sample is exactly the same as the full sized product. I like the look of TonyMoly products. They always have the simple and clean look in them ~ Nothing else to tell about the packaging except that the full sized seems to be 50ml size.


To be honest... I don't know. I thought Cosmetic Love would have this but looks like they doesn't have it (anymore). I did some googling and found out that you can buy it from momomango and bbcreamboutique. The prices varies below and above 25$.


This is pretty much scentless to me. So it might be a plus for those who have sensitive nose ^^ But I like products that has a nice scent so I don't know...


As always, here comes the coverage test on my hand and then a close up on my skin. Are these boring? I hope not since I don't have any better method to test the coverage...

Based on the picture I can tell that it has a nice whitening effect and pretty decent coverage as well. It seems to neutralize redness pretty well. Let's see what it looks on my face shall we?

WOW! It seems to cover my impurities pretty damn well ! I'm surprised.


This is how the BB Cream works on my whole face. I think I used a bit too much since it looks a bit cakey-ish to my eye... BUT! My skin looks more smooth and it neutralized the redness so well! Dark circles are hidden pretty well as well. Maybe it's a bit orange-ish to me...? Or is it just me?


Oil test on paper and on my face. I had the BB Cream on my skin for about 4½ hours and it produced pretty much oil. Like I suspected.... This is a BB Cream for dry skin and not for my oily combination skin.

This is what my skin looked after those 4+ hours. I think I added powder once or twice to get rid of the shine on my skin. Yet still I can see shine on my T-zone.


+ Good coverage
+ SPF 45++

+/- Whitening effect
+/- Scentless
+/- Not for my skin. Might be good for those with dry skin.

- Full sized seems a bit pricey in my opinion
- Not good oil control
- Can't find any information about the shades
- Thick texture and is a bit difficult to blend

 RATING: 2/5  Would I buy the full sized product? Nope. Too expensive for my liking and not for my skin type.

Thank you for reading this review. I'll try to get rest of the reviews done soon... But don't be surprised if they gets longer than I say... I really need to prep up my blogging in 2014! Anyway, how was this review? Have you tried this BB Cream before? If you have tell me your thoughts on it.

That's all for now ~ Bye bye ^^
I'll just share this one selca I took while testing the BB Cream ~


  1. wow very good review...I would luv to do oil test on the bb cream or foundation..I feel BB cream are vy hydrating..I have few and they r always oily....btw i follow u do u mind follow me at

    1. Thank you :) I don't think I use foundations at all... I don't even own any :D I remember I once had one and it was too cakey and too orange for my skin even though it was the lightest possible shade.

      I'll check your site :)


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