December 27, 2013

December Haul ~

It's been a long time since my previous post... This month I have mainly been watching dramas and lagging at home so I haven't gotten many posts done. To be exact, this is the 3rd post this month. But I have few posts in the drafts ~ I hope next year I'll be able to make more and better blog posts ^^ We'll see...

Anyhow this is the last haul of 2013! Wow, the year has flown so fast ♪⌒ヽ(*゚O゚)ノ I started making these monthly hauls in August with July haul. Let's see what I bought this month shall we? Besides these ones I included in the haul I also have few items from Cosmetic Love coming. I'll include them to January Haul next year or make a separate post for them(・w・)

// Pitkästä aikaa taas uutta postausta ~ Pitemmittä puheitta, tässä tulee joulukuun ostokset :)

Lumene Foot Cream | Sokos Emotion | 4,90€

Lumene Eye Gel | Sokos Emotion | 9,90€

Lumene Wild Rose NATURAL Lipstick #5 Lilac Nude | Sokos Emotion | 9,90€

As you can see from the swatches it's really natural looking.
It's my first lipstick so I didn't know what shade I should go with... I'm satisfied with this one ^^ 

ACO Cliniderm Renewing Cleansing Foam | Pharmacy | 9,50€
ACO Spotless Daily Purifying Toner | Pharmacy | 10,30€

Multivitamins | Pharmacy | 5,45€
(I buy these every month so I don't know if I should include them monthly or not..)

All of the shirts above are from H&M. I can't remember the prices of each product...

A new calender | Tiimari | 12,99€ and -50% off

That's all for now ~ Bye bye ^^
I'm going to sleep as it's soon 1AM and I have a lot of things to do tomorrow.


  1. Kivoja ostoksia kaikki, toi kukkapaita on ehkä kuitenkin mun suosikki, ihana! :>

    1. Se on kyllä ihana ^^ Hihat olis vaan saanut olla vähän pidemmät :D

  2. Wää ihania^^ Ainiin… kalenteriki pitäis varmaan ostaa :--D

    1. Kannattaa ostaa ennen kuin vuosi vaihtuu ~


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