November 09, 2013

VIXX @ Oscarsteatern, Stockholm, Sweden 2.11.2013

It's now been exactly a week since I went to Stockholm, Sweden for the first time. I didn't have much time to explore Stockholm since my reason for going there was this super amazing Korean boy group called VIXX. They held a showcase in Stockholm on 2nd November and made history. The showcase was made possible by Kpop Nonstop. A HUGE Thank You for them for making this showcase happen *bows down*

VIXX was the very first Korean group to hold a showcase in Sweden as well as in Scandinavia. They also were the very first Korean group to film a music video in Stockholm. I apologize that this is a bit late but better late than never. And I think today is the perfect day to post this since today is Leo's birthday in Korean time ~ Happy Birthday Leo oppa ♥♥

Anyhow I'll talk about the Stockholm trip in general in this post since it wasn't allowed to take pictures or videos during the showcase. I'm so glad that the Starlights followed the rule since I haven't seen any fancams from the Stockholm on the internet.

I left towards the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport on November 2nd around 12PM by car. My mom drove me to the airport. The weather was very depressing as you can see from the pic above. I took it through the window of a moving car so it is blurry. My sister also tagged along for one and only reason; Starbucks :'D Finland only has 2 Starbucks' and both of them are at the airport and me and my sis hasn't been to Starbucks not even once... So after the check in and money exchange and stuff like that we went to Starbucks ~ I had Caramel Frapuccino I think... It was so damn heavenly good ;W; 

I traveled with Iitu, Minna and Emilia. It was my first time meeting them and they all were so nice ^^ My family left back home after seeing whom I'm traveling with and stuff. We still stayed at the Starbucks and continued chatting and getting to know each other. The plane departed at 2PM or so and I was super excited and nervous since this was my 2nd time flying.

The flight went well and we arrived to Arlanda Airport after one hour. We took a bus to Stockholm and it took 45 minutes. I was just looking through the window and thought "Wow the scenery really is like Finland" hahaha XD The picture below is taken through the bus window. The sun was setting around the time we arrived to Stockholm at 4PM or so.

Right after we stepped outside from the bus we saw loads of VIXX fans waiting for the Oscarsteatern doors to open. The doors opened at 6PM and it was still 4PM so we walked to our hostel. We checked in and left our luggage to the room. We changed some clothes, did hair and make up and stuff like that. After that it was 5PM and we started to walk back towards Oscarsteatern. We bought some light food from Seven Eleven since we hadn't eaten or drank anything since we left Finland.

After eating we went to the queue ~ The doors opened at 6PM and my heart started to beat so fast. I was like "OH MY GOD ISDFDFG" and I couldn't even think properly. The staff distributed these flyers which were part of one project. You'll find out more about that later in this post so keep reading. After getting through the doors I fought my way to the fan merchandise stall and bought two VIXX posters. They were 100SEK (around 10€) per poster. They also were selling T-Shirts and bags but I don't really care about fan clothing...

I arrived to my seat which was on the left in the 9th row. This picture below shows how small the showcase place was. I was this close to VIXX ! I took this picture before all the audience had even arrived ~

While waiting for the audience to arrive and for the showcase to start the mixer or someone was playing VIXX songs and the fans were singing along them. I also was singing along even though I don't know how to sing. During that time I just didn't care what I sound like and shouted from the bottom of my lungs hahaha XDD I was really surprised how well I knew the lyrics. It was also nice since they also played some songs I hadn't heard before ~

Around 7.30PM the lights went off and the showcase started. From that time my memory is total blank. I think I remember that they started with On and On. The fans were so damn loud that during the first song I was just going through my pockets and searching for my earplugs. I was so glad and relieved I took them with me. Otherwise I think I would have tinnitus...

I don't remember all the songs they played or all the things they did during the showcase. I remember they had this question time where they answered to some of the written questions. They did aegyo and danced to girl group songs. LEO DANCED TO I GOT A BOY !

After that they had solo stages. Leo's solo was first. He played piano and sang in English ~ I hope the fans would have been less loud during Leo's solo. YOU DO NOT SCREAM AND SHOUT DURING A BALLAD ! You just don't.

Then it was Ravi's solo. He performed this funny, manly, cute and catchy rap song he had written. I think the name was golleong golleong or something like that. I really wish there is an audio of that somewhere since I want to hear it again ~

I think after Ravi it was Ken's dance solo. He performed to some song I couldn't recognize since... I guess it was some Chris Brown song or sth like that...

Then it was time for Hyuk and Hongbin solo thingy they performed with one lucky fan. They had this "competition" where they did all kind of sweet things to that lucky fan and were fighting for her love. Hyuk showed his abs and the audience went totally crazy. At the end they both knelt down and gave rose to the fan and she chose both. Oh how I wish I had been that lucky fan ;W;

And last but not least it was N's dance solo. He performed his solo with his eyes blindfolded jumping and dancing through the stage. I was so mesmerized that I can't remember anything else...

Then they continued their setlist. Like I said above I don't remember the songs they played... They played 대.다.나.다.너 (G.R.8.U), Super Hero, some song I don't know but the chorus says "work your body work your body" or something like that. They played some ballad song I don't know. I think it was a new song... ? Then they taught the main choreography to Rock Ur Body and played that one. And the last song was an acoustic version of HYDE. It was so damn beautiful ~~ ♥

At one point the audience lifted the heart fliers (I mentioned above) to the air. VIXX were so happy and took a picture with the audience when the hearts were in the air ~ They also promised to come back again so I hope they will keep the promise ! *already saving up money hahaha*

Then the showcase was over at 9PM or so. I was just so overwhelmed and everything. After the showcase we started to look for a place to eat. We found this one Chinese restaurant called China Wang which was still open. They had a buffet open so we decided to take the opportunity and stuffed the food in while chatting about the showcase and everything. It was basically all you can eat hahaha XDD

We finished eating around 10PM or so. I was so damn full. All of the food was absolutely delicious ;W; It was the best sushi I've ever had in my life.

Then we headed back to our hostel and went straight to sleep. This is where my issues and problems during the trip started... We slept in a all women room of eight people. It wasn't bad since it was only 22€ per night and I couldn't been able to afford anything more expensive. Now you might be wondering why that was a problem? It wasn't. The problem was the room itself...

Let's begin about how the sinks were so damn small and overflowed very easily. I was removing my make up, washing my face and brushing my teeth. It all took around 1 HOUR when it usually takes 15-20 minutes from me. All because of that damn small sink that kept overflowing all the time.

Second problem was the temperature of the room. I'm not kidding if I say that the room temperature must have been 30 Celsius degrees. Combine the hot room, a very short bed and a snoring roommate when you're traveling alone abroad for the first time in your life. It was a LONG night. I think I fell asleep at 4AM (Note: I went to sleep at 11.30PM) because I kept turning and turning around in the bed. I had set my alarm clock to alarm at 8AM but I woke up already at 6AM and tried to sleep longer. I somehow managed to fall asleep again and woke up at 7.30AM.

Then I dressed up, washed my face and stuff. At 8.30AM or so we went for a breakfast. It was another disappointment... Oh well I shouldn't have expected anything better from a hostel... After breakfast I did my make up, brushed my hair and packed up my stuff. Then we started to walk towards the bus terminal and stopped by at Seven Eleven once again. I bought a smoothie and a chocolate bar since I felt like a zombie and I needed something to eat since the breakfast was kinda disappointing...

After another 45 minutes sitting in a bus we arrived to the airport at 11AM or and went to check in. We walked through the stores at the airport and took some photos. After that we went to Starbucks again hahaha ~

Me, Minna and Iitu ~ Photo taken by Emilia
(this is heavily edited since we were like black shadows in the picture...)

Then the plane departed at 1PM or was it 3PM Sweden time...? Anyhow I managed to take few wing pictures hahaha ~

And then I was back to Finland again. I arrived to home and of course I needed to put my new posters up... But I couldn't put them so I had to re-organize my room and to make room for the posters and now my room looks like this. I basically just flipped my room over XD This is the view you'll see from my door. The wall in front of this poster wall is currently totally empty.. It's the door wall so I need to think what to put there...

And a better close up on the new VIXX posters ~ ^^

Thank you so much for reading this long post ~ I'm ending this post with the brand new song and MV by VIXX. It's called Only U and they filmed the music video in Stockholm. I didn't think a MV filmed in Stockholm would be this beautiful ;W; It's perfect for this fall season ^^


  1. Aiiish jellyfish over here >_________< ja siis Ö-Ö miten eessä olitte? c: TT TT

    1. Mä olin 9. rivissä lattiatasolla XD Eli sairaan lähellä, mutta onneksi oli pienehkö keikkapaikka ^^

  2. Kiva postaus, kirjotat ihan sikahyvin englanniksi. Oli kiva tutustua! Ens kerralla hopi hopi, hehe XD Piditkin molemmat julisteet?? ;) Hyvännäköinen seinä! Mäki tykkään Only U -videosta<3 Ja mahtava keikka!!<333

    1. Haha kiitos :D Ja jep, niin oli ~

      Joo toistaseksi pidin... En tiennyt kummasta luopua, joten... Nojaa on tässä vielä aikaa miettiä, mitä sille mun kaverille hankin lahjaksi ^^


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