November 06, 2013

[SPONSORED] My Melody Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy S4

* This post is sponsored by Blippo. The fact that this post is sponsored won't affect on my thoughts about the product at all. More information about the sponsor related stuff can be read here.

Hello and welcome to my very first sponsored post ~ I'm excited to find out how this turns out since it's the first time I'm writing a sponsored post. Continue reading if you're interested to find out more ~ Some of you might have heard of Blippo before but I'm sure there are many who hasn't so I'm going to introduce the store first ^^

Blippo is an online store that sells cute decorations, anime related stuff, magazines, candy, mobile accessories, nail decoration products and much other stuff as well. It's a heaven of every anime lover, manga lover and everyone who just likes cute stuff like I do ^^

I came to know Blippo in 2008 or was it even earlier...? It was back when they had a physical store in Helsinki. Back then I mostly just drooled their products and thought "One day I will buy this" or "How long do I need to save up to get this?" and stuff like that. I also remember I just hanged out at the store listening to the music they played in the store while "reading" through Japanese music and fashion magazines aka I just drooled the pictures hahaha ~

Back then it was my favorite store and I even applied there for a 2 week work introduction thingy that Finnish schools have usually on 9th grade. I think they said that they doesn't accept that young people haha XD Anyway like all good things comes to an end the physical store disappeared from Helsinki about 2 years ago I guess. I was pretty sad but then I found out that they have an online store ! And what's better the prices are cheap and they offers free shipping worldwide ~ ♥

But now let's get to the main point of this post. I have subscribed to their newsletter and last month I noticed that they are looking for bloggers and vloggers to review and write posts about their products. So I contacted them and told them about my blog. They answered and told me to pick few items to review. I didn't know how many I should pick so I played safe and picked four items. They sent me two of them (for free) to write about in English.

The first item I'm writing about is this super adorable My Melody protective phone case for Samsung Galaxy S4 (product link). I have been using this on my phone now for about a week or so and I just love it. I have nothing bad to say about it since it's just so lovely and fits my phone perfectly ~ Here are some pictures about the package and phone case itself ^^

even the package is so adorable ;W;

I can almost read it but not all T^T

The instructions in Japanese of course. But I don't think the instructions are even needed...
It's super easy to put a phone case on... XD

after opening the package ~ the case has a protective plastic sheet that I removed before applying it.

and it fits perfectly ! sorry for the bad picture. not possible to take a picture of my phone with my phone...

 Want to get this phone case for you? 

With this cute My Melody protective cover you can protect your Samsung Galaxy S4 from minor bumps and scratches. The case has openings for all the important buttons and inputs and is made from durable semi-hard plastic. The back of the case is decorated with a strawberry My Melody.

You can get this super adorable phone case from Blippo with just 10,90€ / 14,35 USD and free shipping worldwide ! How cool is that? Make sure to check their site out ^^ Thank you to Blippo for sending this product to me to test ~

Thank you for reading this 8D How was my first sponsored post? Was this too long? Throw me a comment below so I can improve ^^ Stay tune for the second sponsored item as well ~ I have already taken the pictures. I just need to edit them and write the post. Hopefully I'll get it out by the end of the week ♥


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