November 15, 2013

[SPONSORED] Hello Kitty Yan Yan Strawberry

* This post is sponsored by Blippo. The fact that this post is sponsored won't affect on my thoughts about the product at all. More information about the sponsor related stuff can be read here.

If you haven't checked out my first Blippo review make sure to check it here. On that post I also introduced the store so that's another reason why you should check out that post ^^ On this post I'm reviewing Hello Kitty Yan Yan Biscuit Stick (product link) by meiji. The product I'm reviewing is strawberry flavored but there are also other flavors available. I'll first show you the pictures and then sum up my thoughts at the end of the post so if you are interested keep reading ~

How cute is the packet ;W; It's so adorable hahaha ~ ^^

On the bottom you can find the manufacture date and best-before date ~

There are ingredients and calories etc listed. Of course I don't know what it says since it's in Chinese. 

To eat these cookies you just rip the seal off and dip the stick into the strawberry cream.

As you can see some of the sticks has gotten broken in the mail but it doesn't matter the taste hahaha ~ I was eating these and then I remembered "Oh! I need to take the picture!". That's why it looks so empty...

The taste doesn't taste like real strawberry so this might not be the best for those who doesn't like "fake taste". It definitely didn't stop me from eating and when I ran out of the sticks I still had the cream left. Can you guess what I did...? Ate it with a spoon... It wasn't the best idea hahaha. So make sure to eat both the sticks and cream in the same ratio ^^

 Want to taste these biscuit sticks? 

Meiji's Hello Kitty Yan Yan are crispy biscuit sticks that you can dip in a delicious strawberry flavoured cream. They could also be called do-it-yourself Pocky and are so handy and tasty that you just cannot stop eating them!

You can buy these biscuit sticks from Blippo with just 1,70€ and free worldwide shipping !  Thank you again to Blippo for sending me these cookie sticks to try ~ It's such a shame we can't buy Japanese sweets here in Finland with cheap prizes T^T


Thank you for reading this and here's a song to brighten (or frighten) your day ~ I hope you all had a great week and have even better weekend ^^

BIG BANGs T.O.P finally released the MV for DOOMDADA and I'm totally loving both song and the MV. If nothing else it definitely makes you wonder what you just watched and laugh hahaha ~


  1. Is it bad that I will buy anything with a Hello Kitty symbol on it just because it's Hello Kitty? XD Seriously, I will never grow out of that brand. :D
    Also, T.O.P is BACK! Woot woot! :D This past couple of months of Gd + Taeyang + T.O.P. were seriously bad for my heart! *.*

    1. Hahaha I used to be like that few years back XDDD Through this year GD has been bad for my heart hahah ~ And wooo now only if Daesung would release solo in Korea as well it would be so great ^^


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