November 24, 2013

November Haul ~

Hello and welcome to my November haul post ~ ^^ I feel like it's been ages since my previous monthly haul since I didn't do October haul (since I didn't have anything to post...). If you're curious to see how I spent my money this month then continue reading forward ~

New skin care products from the pharmacy ~
I don't remember how each of them was but all together they were around 40€.

First time trying this product family. I've been using these for 10 days now and I think they're helping my skin. Though at first I thought they're making it worse since they kinda "pushes" the imperfections out and cleans them that way.

Vitamins from pharmacy 5,20€ - These will last for a month.

These pills helps nails and hair to grow stronger and healthier as well as helps skin to keep its elasticity. I've been using for 10 days as well and I already noticed that my nails have gotten longer and stronger during those days ~ From Tarjoustalo 6,60€

And the tea from the grocery store.
Though my mom bought it but I included it as well since I'm the one drinking it all hahaha ^^

Lumene Gloss & Care Nail Polish from Tarjoustalo 5,50€
I didn't need this... I just bought it since I wanted to try it out... The color is so pretty ;W;

3 pairs of (ugly) socks from Tarjoustalo 7€
I needed more socks so I bought these since they were on sale.

New winter jacket, Vero Moda 69,95€
The picture is really unflattering... But the jacket is so warm and comfy and everything ^^

A tube scarf from Vero Moda 4,95€

This month was the "I need to buy all of these things" kind of month. I had to buy new skincare products, vitamins, tea, jacket etc. After I bought these and paid my phone bill and monthly bus ticket I'm left with 30€. Rest of that are going away soon since I need to take my shoes for repair. Though I would have 250€ more to use every month if I didn't have to pay my mom for my living expenses. But I have to so... At least it's less than paying a rent...

Tomorrow is my last Japanese lesson before Christmas break so I have no lessons until January 13th. Tomorrow also the tickets for Miyavi's concert are coming to sale so I'm going to reserve my ticket ~ I asked dad if he could pay it for me and I think he will ^^

On Tuesday I'm also going to some sort of recruiting happening since I'm jobless. I need to go there if I want to continue receiving the benefit money for jobless people.

I'm sorry for this money rant but I really need a job so I can get more money. I also WANT a job because I need job experience and most important I want something to do with my life. Since I graduated in June I've literally been just lagging at home watching drama, keeping this blog and writing job applications. I would like to save up some money as well but I have no money what to save... Sure, I could just stop buying things I need and walk with broken shoes but it's not healthy and it's no good. I'll start saving once I get a job someday ~

That's all this time ~ Thank you for reading. I have two BB Cream reviews done but as usual I've yet to write the texts... Hopefully I'll get one or both out during next week... Maybe? Anyhow bye bye ^^


  1. Kivoja ostoksia, Oon halunnu kans maistaa tota muffinssiteetä! Pitäis ostaa. :>

    1. Suosittelen. On nimittäin ihan sairaan hyvän makuista. Ainoa miinus on, että se kuluu nopeasti D:


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