October 02, 2013

the GazettE @ The Circus, Helsinki 29.9.2013

Like I mentioned in the previous blog post I finally saw the GazettE live on Sunday last week ! It was absolutely perfect ;W; I don't have any pictures or anything... So every picture in this post are from Vilma's blog or from my twitter timeline hahaha XDD

Those who follow me on twitter have already seen these tweets ~ I really was nervous and everything before the concert. I screenshot pretty much every tweet related to the GazettE or the concert and "glued" my tweets and retweets together to make some sort of picture to show my feels before and after the concert. 

So yeah those were the tweets before the concert. I set alarm clock at 9AM on Sunday and ate breakfast and stuff. Then I took a bus to Helsinki and arrived there around 11.40AM. Then I met Vilma for the first time after talking online for about a year or so (?). I also met some of her friends whom I didn't know. She quickly introduced us to each other and then we walked to the queue.

The concert took place at The Circus. I had never been there before and I was surprised to see that it was next to Forum and Kamppi. Because I looked at the map on the day before and thought "Whaaa where is this place anyways" hahaha XDDD

I was super nervous and thought weeks before "If I go there by 8AM to get the queue number I will freeze to death but then again I'll be first to get inside" then I also thought "No way I'm going there 8AM... But then again if I go around 1PM or so I won't be make it to the first and I will still froze and everything". I didn't even have anyone to go to the concert with me so I was super nervous and everything. Then at last week Vilma bought a ticket and said she'd go with me YAY ~ Anyhow we arrived to the queue around twelve and it was our goal.

pic from: http://fuzzygalaxies.blogspot.fi/
This is how the queue looked at twelve when we arrived there. Of course we were last at that time but as the time went by the queue grew and multiplied by four rows. So we were at the first row of the queue. We had a group of 6-7 people so we were able to leave and come back to the queue pretty much freely since there always were 2-4 people in the queue. If I had to queue alone I'm sure I would've starved, froze to death and... peed my pants. So yeah I'm super happy and thankful to Vilma and her friends who queued with me ;W;

During the queue we had a McDonald's picnic and I ate 3 cheeseburgers LOL. Oh well I didn't eat anything else on that day except my breakfast at 10AM and them burgers at 2-3PM. Around 5PM I also went to buy myself something warm to drink so I headed to Robert's Coffee and decided to try Chai Latte for the first time. IT WAS LIKE SO HEAVENLY OMG ! I'm sure it will be my new favorite I'm going to get every time I go to Robert's Coffee ♥

pic from: http://fuzzygalaxies.blogspot.fi/
We took this "Ticket pic" of our tickets ^^ The little yellow ticket is mine. And Vilma also tried to take a pic of me but I... don't like being in photos unless I can take it myself (= selcas...) and I succeeded at hiding myself from the camera YAY ~ I also have no idea what I looked since it was so damn cold and I'm pretty sure my face was red and I had a runny nose LOL ! So better that my face doesn't show ~ 

pic from: http://fuzzygalaxies.blogspot.fi/
The doors opened around 6.15-6.30PM and the queue moved forward SO DAMN FAST ! I was both happy, nervous, excited and what else at the same time. We all had so many layers of clothes we had to get rid of before we arrived the door. I also had to make sure that the ticket, cloakroom money and earplugs were with me.

Then here I was, inside The Circus and away from the cold. I was inside. I didn't feel anything else yet... I just was happy to be away from the cold weather outside hahaha. At first I was going to go to the balcony with Vilma but then I saw them "Restricted from people under 18" sign.

I knew I forgot something... I forgot my ID to my bag which was in the cloakroom so I just went to the "normal" area. Vilma went to buy some fan merchandises but I didn't have money with me so I searched as good place as I could find. I found a place near from the mixing table and there also was this thing that I was able to lean in case I felt dizzy or sth. Good thing I chose that place since I did feel dizzy at some points T^T

I'm usually the kind of fan who explodes the moment the band walks to the stage and this time was no exception either ~ When the staff were still testing the instruments and lights I was like "OMFG I'M GONNA SEE GAZETTE SOON" Then they arrived to the stage and to be honest I don't remember anything XD All I remember is that the concert was absolutely amazing and they started with VORTEX which is one of my favorite songs. They also played The Suicide Circus, Filth in the Beauty and other songs I didn't recognize.

Then they disappeared from the stage and the fans started to shout "ENCORE! ENCORE!" and so on. They came back on stage and played 3 more songs. I only recognized Shiver yet still I jumped up and down and banged my arms and probably looked like a crazy person like everyone else in the audience :'DDD

The setlist I took from Vilma's blog who took it from someone else who saw it on tumblr so yeah I don't know where it originally is from :'DDD But yeah I need to check out the songs I don't know !
13. Filth in the Beauty 
16. Linda candydive pinky heaven

Then the concert was over and the band left the stage after throwing their drumsticks, quitar picks, water bottles and what else. As always I didn't catch anything but maybe someday I'll get my chance ! The concert was really over. At 9.15 PM or so. My only thought back then was "What? It's over already? How many songs they even played? There's got to be more coming."

But then I realized that it really was over since people started to leave and I noticed that I was already outside in the cold. I called my mom that this is already over and when does the bus leave. I thought the concert would end around 11PM so I had told my mom "It's gonna end at 11PM or so. Come pick me up at that time". So yeah my mom said that the bus leaves at 9.50PM and the clock was 9.30PM. I texted Vilma that I have to catch a bus so I left the venue and walked towards the Railway Station. I had 10 minutes left and I was freezing so I bought a hot chocolate to warm me up ^^ 

And below are my feels after the concert I wrote on bus ~

And notice the last one. Ruki tweeted that we can expect a world tour again ! I hope it doesn't take another 6 years... But if/when they will come to Finland again I'm sooooo going to see them again !

Of course I need to finish this post with their music so I'm sharing SOME of my favorite songs by the GazettE ~~ ♥♥


  1. taas tuli kauhee ikävä sunnuntaita kun luin tän ;_; oivoi, oli kivaa ja toivottavasti pojat tulee piakkoin uudestaan suomeen! ♥

    1. Niimpä ;W; Oli niin täydellinen keikka ~~

  2. Absolutely love this post babe! I love gazette too, and I'm super glad you got to watch them live in Finland!!! <3 love kai and uruha. /fangirls haha

    1. I'm so glad too ~ It was perfect ;W;


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