October 01, 2013

September Haul ~

Hello ~

Another month has gone by. I feel like I just wrote the August Haul yesterday... Time really flies doesn't it. Anyhow, I didn't buy much stuff in September. There are two reasons why: I ordered myself a copy of G-Dragon's Coup D'etat album which hasn't arrived yet. During the time I am writing this post I'm desperately saving up money and trying to get myself a ticket to VIXX's Stockholm showcase. The ticket sale starts this week and I really hope I can get my ticket ! 

Without longer introduction here's my mini haul from September ~

Some of my followers might have seen these in my blog before. I first bought these sheet masks from Tarjoustalo last year once when I randomly saw them there and decided to try out. However they were so expensive that I only bought like 2 back then.

Now more than a year later I was lucky and found them again from Tarjoustalo ! They were on SALE ! 1 sheet mask with 1€ ! SO YEAH I HAD TO BUY SEVEN ! Who knows when is the next time I'll find these sheet masks again from Finland? And talking about that... I haven't seen these online either... Anyways I think I might do some sort of review on these later. They are from a Korean brand called acaci (because the picture is so damn blurry).

More tea ~~ This is my new favorite tea ;W;
Been drinking it every day since I bought it and soon I need to buy 2nd bag ^^
(ahahahha Lulu at the background)

A new beanie ~~ This was 9,95€ from Seppälä.

I bought it just one thought in my mind: I need a hat so that I don't freeze during the GazettE queuing (the concert was last Sunday and it was so epic and I might write something about it soon)

And thermoleggings from Tarjoustalo as well ~ They were about 8€ if I'm not wrong...?

What are thermoleggings you ask? Just normal leggings but they have this fleece kind of fabric inside so that you won't froze as easily compared to normal leggings. I love the color XDD It fits the season so well doesn't it? I also bought regular black leggings but I don't have any pic of them as I use them mostly when I sleep or lag at home. Why? Because I'm always freezing D::: 

Anyhow that's all for this mini haul ~ Not so much this month but less is more I guess. How did you like this haul? Throw a comment below ^^ Until the next post, bai bai ~ ♥♥


  1. :o wow!!! You found them from tarjoustalo?? Really? :o I got few of those sheets for free year ago when I bought one bb cream from online but I didn't know they are sold in finland also :o I should go to tarjoustalo soon!! :D

    1. Yeah I found them from Espoontori's Tarjoustalo :D

  2. I use the same sheet masks.... I always find them in Halpa-Halli or in Tokmanni stores... and they are cheap...I dont remember what the cost was but about 1 euro per sheet....If I remember correctly... :)

    1. Halpa-Halli and Tokmanni belongs to the same "chain" with Tarjoustalo right?
      And compared to prices when ordering online 1 euro per sheet is expensive LOL
      When I order online I'll get 20 sheets with 3-5$ so... yeah :D


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